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trying4more 09-28-2012 07:42 PM

No pregnancy while bf'ing.
Anyone NOT get pregnant while bf'ing, regardless if cycles returned?
Just curious.

Lexy 09-28-2012 08:20 PM

Re: No pregnancy while bf'ing.
Here. I hate it. I got cycle back at 12mo. And started only nursing morning, lunch dinner and then just morning dinner at 13mo. Weaned at 15 1/2mo. He's 17mo. And I'm still not preggo and have never used any protection.

Mama2LilBug 09-28-2012 08:30 PM

Re: No pregnancy while bf'ing.
I got my cycle back when DD turned 9 months; we started trying when she was 15 months (still nursed about 4-6 times a day, night weaned). DD self-weaned (I could still cry about this) at 20.5 months and she's now almost 23 months. We've been actively trying this whole time and have yet to see a BFP :(...


happysmileylady 09-28-2012 09:01 PM

Re: No pregnancy while bf'ing.
You know, I didn't even think about it or realize it until I saw this post, but with my current pregnancy, I got pregnant almost as soon as I was totally finished BFing. My youngest weaned VERY slowly, over the course of like 2.5 months. AF showed up, irregularly at first, around 3 or 4 months post partum. We were exclusively BFing until she was about 9 months old, then from about 12months to about 14 months was when we were in the process of weaning, finishing off before she was 15 months old. She was just about 16 months when we got pregnant again. We were not trying not preventing the entire time.

Ironically, I went through something similar when I got pregnant with DD3. AF showed up at just 8 weeks post partum with DD2. It messed up BFing and DD2 was only 5 months old when we stopped BFing, and AF totally regulated soon after. I ended up on anti depressants at around 8 months post partum for PPD. After trial and error, the one I finally settled on worked ok, but had the awful side effect of totally and completely messing up my cycles. Upon research I discovered that messed up cycles were due to the med (risperdal) having a strange side effect of increasing PROLACTIN levels in the blood. I weaned myself off the Risperdal when DD2 was 13 months old...and just a few weeks later had a positive pregnancy test.

Huh...interesting. Really....I never really put all that together until this post.

Clearly I can never stop bfing this one until DH is already fixed. lol. We are DONE.

huntressxx 09-28-2012 09:56 PM

Me!!! I nursed my son for 16 months and tried to get pregnant 3 months on. Got my cycle back at 1 month. Took me a month to get pregnant with him and once I stopped nursing him bang pregnant immediately

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bumminbeachbabe 09-28-2012 10:00 PM

We tried for 9 months to get pregnant with our second. Towards the end of that time my oldest was nursing once a day and we could not get pregnant. I got pregnant immediately after weaning him.

I had a miscarriage earlier this year while nursing and this baby happened while nursing as well. I did wean my second shortly after finding out I was pregnant though because I was nervous about having another miscarriage due to hormone issues.

Maddalena 09-28-2012 10:27 PM

I got my cycle back at 5 months pp and nurrsed him for 15 months....he's two now and I'm STILL not pregnant!

JasmineMama 09-29-2012 10:05 AM

Re: No pregnancy while bf'ing.
I got pregnant with DS2 while still nursing DS1 (13 months) and nursed for the next 4 months until ds1 weaned. I got pregnant with new babe when DS2 was 14 months still going strong with nursing. My mother and mil got pregnant two times each while nursing, probably different for different moms.

trying4more 09-29-2012 01:23 PM

Re: No pregnancy while bf'ing.
Good to know. With DD#2 I nursed until she was 2y and never got pregnant, even though cycle was like clock work since 6m PP.
After DS weaned at 8m, it took another 7m to get pregnant with my nursling.
She is now 7m and I've had once AF (end of August) and nothing yet. No AF, no BFP.
I'd rather wait until she was over 1y and plan on letting her self wean. I don't want to wean early since I've read a lot of women has supply issues when they get pregnant and babies wean before age 1.
I have all the fertile symptoms, but I'm pretty sure I'm not even O'ing!

Piper4242 10-04-2012 10:25 PM

Re: No pregnancy while bf'ing.
I got pregnant with my #2 while still bfding my DD when she was 13 months, I only had two AF before I got a positive test. Now, my DS is 14 months and I haven't even had one AF yet and am not pregnant, dont think i am ovulating. so weird and annoying. they both nursed about the same, my DS might comfort nurse more than my DD did though.. I was able to keep nursing my DD all through my pregnancy with my DD and she self weaned this summer at three. Wondering if I won't get an AF until my DS self weans, I hope it doesn't take that long....

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