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suthrnmomto3 09-29-2012 01:23 AM

First I'll list my ISO...then my IHA...both are always changing!!!

ISO: (by family member!!!) CHEAP!!! Listed specific DVDs/blurays below all other ISO but will look at anything we don't have cable or anything and those popped in my head!
***-need *********-want a lot!

DD-7 months old!
9-12 months...willing to look at for now
***...she is obsessed and they save her legs from Mosquitos...carpet burn...being too hot or
***Toys...she loves music and lights...
Halloween costume or tutu...
Alligator clips...or hairbows...fine very thin hair...

DS-5 years old!
***5t shirts , pants and size 12 1/2-1
Costume...superhero great...
Ds games...ESP Lego ones...or superhero...Christmas gift
Xbox 360 or ps3 games...spiderman, superhero, Legos...Christmas gift
***Dinosaur or superhero toys...Christmas gift
***superhero movies...also star wars, Jurassic park...ect...

DD-6 (7soon) years old!
Zebra theme items...Christmas and birthday gifts
Ds games...Christmas gifts and bday
Pet shop
***DVDs...will list specifics but she loves everything let me know what you have!
Xbox or ps3 games...kinect too!
Halloween costume...or tutu
Hairbows...thick fine hair
Hair feathers
Nail polish

DD-8 years old!
***7/8 girl clothes...shirts, pants, pjs...coat shoes...1 1/2-2 shoes
***Monster high toys, dolls...Christmas gift
Ds games...Christmas gift
Halloween costume or tutu
Xbox, kinect, ps3
Hairbows...thin fine hair
Nail polish
Silver earrings...cute please
Hair feathers
***CDs, portable cd

DD-11years old
***Bad kitty books
Hair feathers
Msu stuff(miss state university)
Wii games
Ds games

ME-no age lol
***Mom shirts (tshirts) bands and such...or tv shows and such...really want grateful dead, green day, Lynard skynard, dead bears...ect...Large I like big shirts but can wear medium too
***Jeans...9/10&1/12 long no straight leg pants...must be long I'm tall...
***CDs...rock, country, ect...
Paranormal young adult books okay too!
Scentsy smell good stuff
***Irish stuff...Celtic stuff...Irish flag...Scottish too!!! Or Gaelic too
Wall art...saying or quotes
Nail Sally Hanson extreme wear...or like coat does it all...and love colors!
Camo stuff
Alabama crimson tide stuff!
***DVDs and tv seasons or blurays
Xbox360,ps3 games...ds games but only kingdom of hearts on ds kinect games too
***Comfy pj pants...cute cartoon characters, video games, Victoria secret, ect...
Pink controller
Digital camera
***Hidden object iPad or computer big fish or similar
***iTunes, amazon gc or Walmart...

*** (Louisiana tigers) items...
Xbox 360, ps3, kinect games
*** seasons too...blurays
***Army stuff...(he is a vet...)
***universal remote
Hidden object games!!!
***Anything super hot to eat!!! Hotter the better!!!
iTunes gc

Christmas!!! These are not too concerning to me all...just listing before I forget...
Mil-Texas stuff...or bag to go on her power a pocket for stuff...papers and such
Fil-Vietnam army stuff...or western theme stuff
mom-? Still thinking she has everything
Stepdadl-tools, anything for shade tree mechanic...or beer memorabilia
Nephews/nieces...books, tutus, peace sign stuff, football memorabilia...superhero stuff...

Family as a whole ISO:
***DVD player portable or auto/car...dual screen better
***Computer games
***Anything to help with 1-3 grade math
Books to read to kids or they can read...mercer Meyer critter books a plus!
Pageant dresses for baby!!!
Ballet DVD or stuff for tv...Shriners said ballet would be the best therapy for my daughter but not offered where we live and would be $$$$$$$$$ if it was...
*********Lsu or Alabama cheer leading outfits and football jerseys for kids
*********Band tshirts and beanies and CDs and such for kids...!!! Would love to find!!!
***Pampers/huggies/baby food coupons...nursery water...
***Simply smart bottles or Avent 9 oz bottles...Soothie 0-3 pacifiers...will not take others
Teething stuff
***Safari...zebra...giraffe...rhino...cheetah ect theme household items...elephants and monkey too (not scary monkeys 6 yo is terrified but baby loves them)
***stuffed animal toy nets you hang on wall!

Specific DVDs/blurays...just ones that come to mind! Burned are ok just no skipping and no low volume really bad...
Haven season 1
That's 70s show seasons 7 & 8
Supernatural seasons
Angel seasons
Buffy seasons
Vampire diaries seasons
Pretty little liars seasons
Catdog seasons
Phineas and ferb/perry the platypus
Disney channel show seasons or DVDs...
Batman (have dark night)
Star wars
Dora the explorer:explorer girls
Bubble guppies
Beauty and the beast
Peter pan
Cinderella 2
Scooby doo
Dora (have lots lmk)
Wow wow wubzy
Nick jr shows...
Disney shows
Cartoon network shows
Barbie movies
Aladdin movies
Jungle book
Corpse bride
Disney, Pixar, dream works...ect!!!
Robin hood
Wimpy kid movies
Underworld last movie
Xmen movies
Superhero movies
Resident evil movies lmk what you got
Pirates of the Caribbean lmk what u have
Lord of the rings lmk
Harry potter lmk
Doug seasons
80-90 kids tv days ones too!
Silent house
Horror, zombie, werewolf, vampire movies
Action movies
Kids movies
Spiderman 1

More to come...!!!

IHA: (always changing)
Nb nip girl babylegs One pair (also have 2 we used twice but will have to get names...)
Nip 2 os boy babylegs...will get names...
Tassimo tcup coffee maker with creamy cappachino coffee (used few times coffee maker)
Baby k'tan medium eggplant
Elf on the shelf nip book and elf
Gdiapers tiny-med and all accessories...
Few DVDs...Disney-adult few blurays
Nb-0/3-3/6 girl clothes in storage
Books-adult have 2 is special needs kids book for parents
Size 2 pampers swaddlers out of package but she outgrew before 1/2 pk used...gonna donate if no offers
Trueblood season 3 NEW in PLASTIC
Starbucks $25 gc

More to come...

expaik 09-29-2012 06:02 AM

Re: New list for October 2012...Let's trade!
Hi mama..I'd be interested in the Starbucks. Please take a look at my trade thread.. I have things you may be interested in. There's a link from the posting to a photo album with lots of girl clothing too.

jesi11 09-30-2012 01:32 PM

Re: New list for October 2012...Let's trade!
Any gdiapers left?

suthrnmomto3 10-01-2012 12:53 PM

Sorry I've been busy...I'll take a look and all gdiapers still here

jackobeano 10-01-2012 08:43 PM

Re: New list for October 2012...Let's trade!
PM'd you a day or so ago. Still interested if we can work something out ;)

suthrnmomto3 10-01-2012 08:58 PM

Let me take a look I may have been in a hurry looked meant to write bk later and forgot...I'm sorry!

Art mama 10-01-2012 10:02 PM

Re: New list for October 2012...Let's trade!
I'd be interested in the elf on the shelf. I have girls cloths 7-8 and shoes 12-13....

jackobeano 10-01-2012 10:11 PM

Re: New list for October 2012...Let's trade!

Originally Posted by suthrnmomto3 (Post 15757409)
Let me take a look I may have been in a hurry looked meant to write bk later and forgot...I'm sorry!

No worries, just let me know when you get a chance :thumbsup:

Jedimomma 10-02-2012 03:17 PM

Pmd you! :)

suthrnmomto3 10-02-2012 07:09 PM

Re: New list for October 2012...Let's trade!
Pmd bk...bump for night moms!

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