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Veronemilie 09-29-2012 06:23 PM

Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
OK so with baby #2 on it's way I want to make a good part of my stash & figured I would make the QSFW pattern with a few modifications (made with cotton jersey knit (strech width wise), made to large size with softbums style elastic to make it OS, plus snaps to close them). I have calculated that to make a good sized stash (4 doz) I will need a little less than 22 yards of 60'' wide fabric.

Since I will be ordering my fabric online I figured I might as well order a little more & make myself some Cloth Pads that I can use for post-partum & beyond (pocket/envelope style). I plan on using ecomenses pattern #4 ( I was thinking of doing the top layer with the cotton jersey (to give it a little strech when stuffing) & the back/opening with polar fleece (not sure if I need windpro or if regular fleece will be enough) & do a little topper peice (like gem cloth does) with cotton velour or another feel dry fabric. I wont need to make inserts as I plan on using premie prefolds I got a while back (for this exact purpose) I have 3 doz of those so I figure if I use 2 per pad that will give me enough for 18 pads.

So if you have made it this far kudos! Now I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out my yardage for my pads? Also any advice/sugestions on my ideas/plans would be greatly appreciated as this will be my 1st time making both diapers & pads, but not my 1st time sewing (plus my mom will be helping me & she practically qualifies as a seamstress/dressmaker), I am planning on serging the edges as my mom has a serger!

Oh & last but not least where would be the best place to order from? I am a Canuck & as much as I would love to order from a place in Canada I know that I may not find what I am looking for in Canada & am willing to look at a place from the US or elsewhere. As much as it is anoying budget will also be a deciding factor in choosing where to order from.

Thanks for your help, I am sure I will need it.

2boysmama 09-29-2012 09:24 PM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
wow, you've done a lot of work just figuring all of that out! I honestly don't have a clue but if you are on facebook a great place to look would be You have to request membership but when I did I was approved within 24 hours. Someone there can help you. I'd love to see this stash when you are finished!

Veronemilie 09-30-2012 07:43 AM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
Thanks I've been planning this for a while (can you tell?), I requested to join that Facebook group & hopefully they can help me. I will post pics once I get my fabric & get some sewed up.

Any suggestions on where to buy the fabric?

One Little Window 09-30-2012 05:39 PM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
If I was you I'd start out by ordering somewhere around 5-10 yards of fabric from wazoodle or nature's fabrics (she's on here somewhere) You may want to have more options or change fabrics once you get started, so that way you won't have a couple bolts of fabric that you'd prefer something slightly different. Buying 10 yards at least from one place should ensure that your shipping is reasonable, and that way you can do a couple different orders and make sure you're happy with what you get and know better what and how much more you need.

I've made everything, and used to make and sell mamapads on etsy. I personally don't think you need windpro fleece. And if I was to start over and do everything, and had enough money to buy nice fabric, I'd order a whole bunch of hemp fleece, and bamboo french terry and loop and make some of each.

Veronemilie 10-04-2012 08:18 AM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
OK so Natures Fabrics seems to be the only place that has Cotton Jersey anyone have any experience buying from there? Any other places that have cotton jersey?

Also how do you calculate your yardage for your pads?


Veronemilie 10-04-2012 08:18 AM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
Last question for now (lol) what thickness/weight should I get for my cotton jersey to make sure it is thick enough & will last through 2-3 years of diapering?


mammacandoit 10-04-2012 01:38 PM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online has some cotton jersey. I have a whole list of place I buy my supplies at here:!.cfm

Veronemilie 10-10-2012 07:49 AM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
OK I'll ask again & see if anyone reads these posts.

How do you calculate your yardage for your pads? So I know how much fabric to get.

Also what thickness of jersey would you recomend so that it will be absorbant enough & last through 2-3 years of diapering?


mgmsrk 10-10-2012 08:33 AM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
You know what pattern you want to use for the pads. Take the measurements of the pattern times the number of layers, times the number of pads and do the math for how much additional fabric you will need.

Personally I dislike stuffable pads. They are more complicated to sew and can be a pain to use. Since you have never used cloth pads you should make a few different shaped pads and decide what shape works for you best before making a whole stash.

As for the jersey...depends on how many layers you will be using. I find jersey used for diapering wears pretty quickly, in heavy use I would expect it to show serious wear(rips, runs, holes) inside of 6-12 months. It will still absorb but it won't be as pretty.

Next on the list of ordering that much fabric for a unknown is..........Are you sure it will work for you? Its a big investment. Cotton is not absorbent enough for my girls(one no longer in diapers). They are both super soakers. I use cotton but it is a supplement to bamboo and hemp. What if you get a super soaker?

I love Natures Fabric and order from her for most of my diaper/kid sewing but the weight of all that fabric plus the cost of shipping and duty is likely not worth it for just cotton jersey. I say that because cotton jersey can be found at pretty much any fabric store. Do you have a Fabricville near? One of their buy 1 get 2 free yard sales would be perfect.

Veronemilie 10-10-2012 09:19 AM

Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online
I actually curently use cloth pads (&have for a while), I wanted to make stuffable pads so that I could use these for more than just PP, I curently have some GEM pads & some other liners.

What else would you recomend instead of Jersey then, I would prefer something with some strech to help the QSFW ( fit a little better. I will be getting Bamboo inserts (3 layers 100% bamboo) from Alva to boost the diapers if & when I need to (I will also be getting some diapers too).

I do have a Fabricville semi-near (1hr - 1hr30 away) & after looking at the shipping I was going to look into geting my fabric there (my mom also has an Elite Member card).


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