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mamamarisa 10-01-2012 12:53 PM

i have some awesome ideas for different types of diapers!
i've used everything and have created a few different diapers that i have never seen anyone else make before. anyways, i cant sew very well at all, even with practice lol, so i want to give my ideas to a wahm who will actually make them and sell them to people. maybe we could start off with testers and see if people like them, and go from there. i dont want to own a business or try to sew diapers when i know i cant, but i just want the diapers to be out there so people have the option. i have no idea where to take my ideas to, and if you are a wahm but dont want to make a whole new diaper line for your business maybe you could help me out by sewing up my idea as a sample for other wahms? somebody point me in a positive direction please :)

The Fancy Pansy 10-01-2012 01:52 PM

Are you looking to make a profit off your ideas or just get them out there? If you're not looking for a profit, you could make a blog with tutorials showing your ideas. If you are looking for a profit, you could try hooking up with someone who sews and knows how to digitize patterns and set yourself up a site to sell the patterns from.

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