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JCPACandMommy 10-01-2012 05:51 PM

ATTS ~ October
We are all "Addicted To The Stick", so this thread is for us! Some of us don't fit into the other groups (TTC While Breastfeeding, TTC over 30, etc.) so we meet up here! Anyone is welcome to join no matter your TTC situation! The more we have, the more BFPs we'll see! To join, post in red your handle, name (if you want), and any other info you want posted like your chart link (if you have one).

*If you've been inactive for a few weeks you'll be removed from the list. If you want to be readded just post and we'll get you back up there a.s.a.p!!

:waiting:Waiting to O:waiting:

carlycurry (Carly)
Craftin'Diva (Jeri)
LadybugS (Sarah)
cormama (Corinne
Maddalena (April)
bcb1961 (Bethany)
amb2j (April)
Opheliaspins (Rebecca)
JSWRabbitry (Jenn)
happymama1 (kristen)

:nervous:Two Week Wait:nervous:

Linzbear (Lindsay)
MacMomma (Sarah)
Mommy2gr8kids78 (Mary)
ardeur (Jessie)
Fishie Kisses (Tashauna)
liveelou (Olivia)
Leaner (Leaner)
NOTWMommy (Diana)
Dani_Phen (Danielle)
Boobmommi (Stephanie)
Hope4More (Mel)
hutch87 (Whitney)
danigrace05 (Danielle)
eco-Mum (Ashley)
m131 (Megan)


Sweetmama26 (Krystal)
borncrunchy (Brittney)
christylkeller (Christy)
Jesllee (Jessica)
LSwinson12 (Lora)
Justjess (Jessica)
aleatha5 (Kristin)

:nak:EBF Waiting For AF:nak:

ecoMama2b (Theresa)
MrsFergion (Sarah)
Sarawithouth (Sara)
Justjess (Jessica)
aleatha5 (Kristin)

:pray:Pregnant & Praying To Make It:crossfingers

Name: Carissa
Username: JCPACmommy
Test Date: 10.02.2012
EDD: 06.11.2013
2nd trimester starts: 12.03.2012

Name: Krista
Username: The Fancy Pansy
Test Date: 6/11/12
EDD: 2/24/13
2nd trimester starts: 8/18/12

Name: Cristy
Username: cristy_1996
Test Date: 5/15/12
EDD: 1/24/13
2nd trimester starts: 7/19/12

Username: brookglen
Test Date:
2nd Trimester Starts:

Name: Nicole
Username: nicolemariep
Test Date: 4/24
EDD: 1/3/13

Name: Jena
Username: Edensmomma
Tested Positive: 04.16.2012
EDD: 12.27.2012

Name: Jessie
Username: mommyinthesun
Tested Positive: 03.31.2012
EDD: 12.12.2012

Name: Shasta
Username: shastalocke
Tested Positive: 03.27.2012
EDD: 12.05.2012
2nd Trimester Starts: 05.23.2012

Name: Emily
Username: emmers22185
Tested Positive: 03.22.2012
EDD: 12.05.2012
2nd Trimester Starts: 06.01.2012

Name: Jessica
Username: ms_quoted
Tested Positive: 03.19.2012
EDD: 11.28.2012
2nd Trimester Starts: 05.23.2012

Name: Catie
Username: clatchfort2011
Tested Positive: 03.04.2012
EDD: 11.16.2012
2nd Trimester Starts: 05.11.2012

Name: Elaine
Username: eljube112
Tested Positive: 02.24.2012
EDD: 11.04.2012

Name: Tanya
Username: EuphoricDysphoria
Tested Positive: 02.08.2012
EDD: 10.25.2012

Name: Eileen
Username: Eileen
Tested Positive: 02.04.2012
EDD: 10.18.2012
2nd Trimester Starts: 04.05.2012

Name: Eileen
Username: Deanie
Tested Positive: 02.07.2012
EDD: 10.17.2012
2nd Trimester starts: 04.05.2012

Name: Jenny
Username: zacifer
Tested positive: 02.02.2012
EDD: 10.14.2012

Name: Kim
Username: Kymdenise
Tested Positive: 01.31.2012
EDD: 10.09.2012

Name: Elise
Username: GooseBella
Tested Positive: 01.29.2012
EDD: 01.11.2012
2nd Trimester Begins: 04.07.2012

Name: Maaike
Username: Dutchlish
Tested Positive: 01.23.2012
EDD: 10..2012
2nd Rimester Begins: 03.31.2012

Username: avahsmomma
Tested Positive 01.20.2012
EDD: 09.28.2012

Username: el's mama
Tested Positive 01.14.2012
EDD: 09.27.2012

Name: Robin
Username: GumpR
Tested Positive 01.12.2012
EDD 09.24.2012

Name: Caroline
Username: Alouette
Tested positive 01.11.2012
EDD: 09.22.2012

Name: Andrea
Username: andyoly82
Tested Positive: 12.10.11
2nd Trimester Begins: 2.11.11

Name: Heather
Username: myall4him2
Tested Positive: 12.10.11
2nd Trimester Begins: 2.11.11

Name: Holly
Username: Hokuao2003
Tested Positive: 11/23/11
2nd Trimester Begins: 1/23/12

Name: Courtney
Username: Calex99
Tested Positive: 11/20/11
2nd Trimester Begins: 1/18/12

:cheer: Cheerleaders :cheer:

mamatoclaire (Katie)
itsajoi (Jena)
hokoonichi (Camilla)
sassknuckles (Genevieve)
slimy72 (Laurel)

JCPACandMommy 10-01-2012 05:53 PM

Re: ATTS ~ October
Happy October mamas!
Hopefully we will have a LONG string of BFP this month!!

I am suppose to test tomorrow at 14dpo but so Nervous and don't know if I want to test just to be let down like always! KWIM! Cramping did go away today so we will see what the morning brings I guess!

mommy2gr8kids78 10-01-2012 06:51 PM

Re: ATTS ~ October
I'm hoping this is my month! I've been mia for a little while. Please add me to tww. Mommy2gr8kids78 , Mary.

carlycurry 10-01-2012 07:39 PM

Re: ATTS ~ October
I love Fall... especially October because of my birthday and Halloween...

I have EVERYTHING crossed for you this month, Carissa!!!!!! :hugs:

Oh, and I am Waiting to O this week!!!

clatchford2011 10-02-2012 06:51 AM

Re: ATTS ~ October
You know Carissa, I would love to see a BFP for you! I am so glad the cramping stopped. Makes me think another couple of days. When are you officially "late"?


Have a go at it mama's!!! You all deserve your take home babies!!! I am lurking!

JCPACandMommy 10-02-2012 10:49 AM

Attachment 121204

I can hardly believe it!!

newmommy13 10-02-2012 11:01 AM

:yay: congrats from your DS stalker. Lol

Fishie Kisses 10-02-2012 11:24 AM

Re: ATTS ~ October

Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy (Post 15759154)
Attachment 121204

I can hardly believe it!!

holy dark lines mama!!!!

You can move me
...BFP on Sunday :)

carlycurry 10-02-2012 11:59 AM

Re: ATTS ~ October
Sooooooo frickin' happy for Carissa!!! :yay:

clatchford2011 10-02-2012 12:10 PM

Re: ATTS ~ October

Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy (Post 15759154)
Attachment 121204

I can hardly believe it!!


CARISSA ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! OMG!!!!!! *STICKY VIBES LIKE WOAH!* I wish I could hug you! FINALLY a BFP!!! Stick in there little egg! You have an AWESOME mama waiting to meet you!!!

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