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redpajama 10-02-2012 09:02 PM

Hand-dyed, One-of-a-kind Kanoe Baby Hammock...
I have a Kanoe Baby Hammock which I hand-dyed green. I used fiber-reactive dye (which uses a chemical reaction to bond the color molecule to the fabric molecule, as opposed to dyes that simply "stain" the fabric a given color). The dye job is nice. I tested the dye on the little bag that the hammock fits into, and it came out lighter than what I wanted and a little uneven, so I used more dye when I dyed the actual hammock. So while the dye job is very good on the hammock itself, it's uneven (and lighter) on the storage bag.

The first photo shows the entire set-up. (If you'd like the hook out of the ceiling, just mention it and I'll include it.) It was super-easy to install, and we actually put a hook in the family room (downstairs) and one in our bedroom (upstairs) so we could move the hammock. (Unfortunately, our stomach-sleeping baby has never spent any time in it upstairs *or* down.)


The dye job is better/more even than it may appear in this photo--the hammock has been down, standing in the corner, for several weeks, and got wrinkled. I just hung it back up to take these photos, so it's still pretty wrinkly. :)


Asking $215ppd (in the contiguous US).

(Oh, and the hammock is the regular size (not the smaller size) and has really only been used a handful of times. We love it...we just aren't using it as much as we thought we would.

PM with interest. Only looking for PP at this time.

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