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bccc624 10-03-2012 08:07 AM

Payment under review?
This has me nervous. Just got this notification on Paypal after receiving a payment.

To help protect you, we're reviewing the transaction(s) below to ensure your safety. The Payment Review will be complete within 24 hours. You should not ship the item until we've cleared the payment.

I was a little uneasy to begin with because it's a Canada momma and shipping to Canada makes me nervous. But now I get this? I asked the buyer about it, and now she's suddenly not responding to my messages?

jennayoung99 10-03-2012 01:55 PM

Re: Payment under review?
oooh sketchy, i've never heard of that.

ajane 10-03-2012 04:31 PM

I wouldn't worry. I've had that happen to me before. I got notice within a few days that everything was fine.

bigmamakelsey 10-03-2012 09:58 PM

Re: Payment under review?
I've had it happen, no big deal. It's usually because they send payment from a different IP address, like from a friend or relatives house. It's just a precaution. It'll probably clear in 24 hours.

mamaratliff 10-03-2012 10:07 PM

Re: Payment under review?
Yah it happened to me recently on a transaction too, but it turned out fine :) I was defintely leery when it happened, but all was well.

Zepp 10-04-2012 11:11 AM

Re: Payment under review?
has happened a few times to me.

thekuligs 10-04-2012 12:32 PM

Re: Payment under review?
My dad sent me money once (as he has done several times before) and it did that too. I don't think it's anything the person is doing.

Hollysmom 10-05-2012 07:46 AM

Re: Payment under review?
I could be wrong, but I think this can also happen if Paypal declines the credit card the buyer used to make the payment. They always make you pick a back-up payment option, however, in case this happens. So perhaps PP sent you this msg while they resolve the payment issue with the buyer. Could be their card on file was expired and they need to update the info, who knows, it doesn't necessarily mean anything fishy though.

KandFsMomma 10-05-2012 04:50 PM

Re: Payment under review?
Agreed, it's happened to me multiple times as well and there has never been an issue.

abunchoflemons 10-05-2012 05:04 PM

Re: Payment under review?
I think depending on amount. Just 4 safety.....

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