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Jomamma22 10-03-2012 10:30 AM

Need help beginning EC
I have a 3 1/2 month old boy named Jude and I am new to the idea of EC but would love to do it! I have NO idea how to start though and could definitely use some advice. Thankyou!

shen7 10-03-2012 02:45 PM

Check out the sticky threads at the top of the forum!!! :)

strongwoman 10-03-2012 07:22 PM

Re: Need help beginning EC
Welcome! I have a two month old and its been both fun and frustrating at times! Definitely check out some of the previous threads. But just in case you don't have time, here are a few things I've learned:
- buy a couple of potties, like top hat potties or the baby bjorn smart potty
-keep your diaper stash simple (I like prefolds and grovia or wool wrap covers) so that you won't end up relying on diapers all the time
-use t-shirts instead of onesies, I even cut a whole bunch of stretchy onesies so I didn't have to buy t-shirts
- take time to observe your baby's signals when he has to go pee and poops during diaper free time
- make the easy catches: poops are usually easier than pees to catch. You can also use generic timing (after waking, after eating, during eating) to make catches
- check out some of these websites:,,
- prepare to get peed and pooped on! I just say everything is washable :)
- have fun!
Hope this was helpful and happy EC-ing!

R055ANA 10-05-2012 10:34 AM

Re: Need help beginning EC
Hi there Jomamma!

Welcome to the EC forum and congrats on your son Jude.

I am glad strongwoman got on here and gave you these excellent tips.

Don't be afraid to start. All you need is your baby and the diaper off. Next time you are doing a diaper change either have a little bowl/ potty or take him to the toilet/sink and see if he goes. What do you have to lose?

I got hand me downs and what I did w/ the onesies was snap them on the side hip. The reason onesies can be annoying is they are hanging down when we potty our babies then get wet w/ pee or poop.

I also didn't purchase a top hat potty. Do you have a plastic container w/ a rim that will be comfy on DS bum? You could use a wipes box, a Tupperware type bowl or even a mixing bowl. You don't have to let the lack of not having a potty stop you because of the many different receptacles you can use.

Best wishes and feel free to ask us more questions!

dangerbunny 10-05-2012 10:36 AM

Re: Need help beginning EC
I just did a blogpost on that a couple days ago, lol.

Basically what strongwoman said, start with common potty times, learn your baby's signals and don't be afraid to try.

MrsSaraT 01-28-2013 04:02 PM

Re: Need help beginning EC
I started with my daughter as a newborn, while she nursed. I would put a top hat potty between my legs with her bottom resting lightly inside, or I would lay a thick prefold or two over my lap. Everytime she peed or pooped, I would whisper "peeeeeee" or "poooooooo." I actually stopped ECing for a few months, and I have recently started again at 5 months. However, I have never stopped making the cues of "peeeee" or "pooooo" if I hear her going.

I have never been very good at figuring out what her signs are. At this point, I simply hover her over her potty or the toilet at each diaper change and when she wakes up in the morning or after a nap. Then I cue her, and we catch lots of poops that way.

leadmare 02-08-2013 08:18 PM

Thanks for the pointers on where and how to start.

lyia81 02-12-2013 10:16 AM

Re: Need help beginning EC
We started when our DD was about a week old. After her feeding, I would just hold her over a Baby Bjorn potty (the insert) until she went. I would then make a noise so that she'd associate the noise with going to the potty. She has good days and bad days. We don't catch everything by any means, but I definitely want her to retain bladder function.

redicccc 02-14-2013 07:29 AM

Re: Need help beginning EC
first check its sticky thred

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