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tcat216 10-03-2012 03:10 PM

starting out
If someone was getting ready for a new baby and they were planning on doing EC with prefolds, how many prefolds would you recommend they start out with? Also if they were using cloth wipes, how many would they need if they were mostly catching poos in the toilet/bowl/potty? Thanks. I'm trying to convince my bf. :thumbsup:

R055ANA 10-05-2012 10:57 AM

Re: starting out
Hi there!

I am SO glad to hear you are trying to convince your bf to EC.

Really I would suggest to not buy too much and see how things go. If you need more you can always add to your stash. I started using prefolds w/ my 4th and overbought. It's tough because you want to have enough to last you a couple days but you don't want to have too many.

In the beginning you use more prefolds because you want to keep them dry so even if there is just a little pee on the prefold you change it. After you start getting more in tune w/ your baby and your baby is eliminating less you start to use less prefolds.

I never used cloth wipes so I can't tell you how many you should get. When I ECed my girls I used the cloth dipe as a wipe or I more often used regular toilet paper.

Best wishes and feel free to ask more questions!

mamaspice 10-06-2012 12:23 AM

I'd go with at least 36 prefolds and at least that many wipes, probably more. We pottied her on the prefolds for a while though so we went through them fast. Dd and I would hang out on the bed and I would sit straddle style, pull the prefold over a waterproof pad up onto my legs a bit and hold her in the classic hold against my thighs. It seemed more secure and comfy than using a potty or bowl for the first little while. We also used them for diaper free time and clean ups.

tcat216 10-06-2012 11:46 AM

Re: starting out
Thanks :thumbsup:

I'm trying to convince my bf to approve of me doing cloth diapers and EC if we have a baby. He just doesn't understand them but I think it's just because it's not what his two older sisters did so he just doesn't know much about them. I think he thinks cloth diapers will be more expensive. I told him that in the beginning they are but disposables are in the long run. I also told him that EC will make it so we won't have to wash as many. These reasons would justify it more for him instead of telling him about the environment and communication. :giggle:

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