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KLeeCW 10-03-2012 06:17 PM

Newborn armpit rash?
DD is 2.5 weeks. Today I noticed she had white gunk and red, raw, wet-looking skin in her armpit. Before I call the pedi tomorrow, has anyone's LO ever had this? I'm assuming it's pretty common. Was it yeast? I cleaned it, dried it, then used some CJ's spray on it. Any thoughts?

meldo 10-03-2012 06:20 PM

Sounds like the same thing my Los neck folds gets. Just a combo of sweat, milk, fuzz, etc. Give it a wipe a couple times a day and it will clear up on its own quickly.

I'm typing on my iPhone, sorry.

Mom2Connor 10-03-2012 06:28 PM

I agree with the above. Honestly, I know people here are against regular bathing but what worked best for my DS was a gentle daily bath and good lotion. He never had dry skin issues. :) wiping just wasn't really effective for us, just too many folds everywhere.

mebl0901 10-03-2012 06:30 PM

Re: Newborn armpit rash?
Very common. For some reason I didn't have this issue with DS, but DD had it in her neck folds. It was just like you described, but stinky too. I just tried my best to keep it clean and dry. That's the best thing for it. You may need a cream but I would first try keeping a close eye on it and see if it clears up by making sure it's clean and dry. I honestly wouldn't spend the money on a pedi visit, if I were you.

KLeeCW 10-03-2012 06:43 PM

Re: Newborn armpit rash?
Yeah, my DS never had this. Thanks for the answers! I think I'll start doing sponge baths on the nights she doesn't have a full bath and try to air it out a bit.

Teexie 10-03-2012 07:44 PM

Re: Newborn armpit rash?
Yes, my DD had this too. It was the same as the neck gunk. I agree with keeping it clean and dry, with "dry" being the key word. It was super hard to get my DD to let us hold her arms up to air out! If it got really bad (like when she had gotten sweaty--it's very warm where we live so that happened pretty much any time she spent time outside) we'd use diaper rash cream and that would help quite a bit.

juliasmom 10-03-2012 08:25 PM

Re: Newborn armpit rash?

Originally Posted by KLeeCW (Post 15766319)
Yeah, my DS never had this. Thanks for the answers! I think I'll start doing sponge baths on the nights she doesn't have a full bath and try to air it out a bit.

My DDs would both get this (especially in the neck rolls) if they didn't get their cracks and crevices washed out daily. I use either just plain water or a drop of Cali Baby SS soap and make sure to pry open all those folds to rinse well. I put her on tummy time after her bath to help her neck really dry out should be easier with her under arms. I never fully understood how people can say newborns and immobile babies don't get dirty...milk dribbles down their faces, they spit up all into their neck folds and they poop 10 times a DDs necks would smell like cheese if I skipped one nightly bath :headscratch:

myclanof6 10-03-2012 09:05 PM

I sometimes put a baby washcloth under their necks (where they tend to get the rash) a couple of tines a day to make sure it stayed dry. I also put some vaseline on once a day, after taking the cloth off so it was already really clean and dry. It cleared up in a couple of days.

Autocorrect has helped me type this.

HugeBabyBoy 10-03-2012 10:23 PM

Totally common :)

Wipe folds and crevasses when changing clothing and give special attention when bathing. That's do the trick!

Aubrey<3Gavin 10-04-2012 12:18 PM

Re: Newborn armpit rash?
happened to us too. I figured it was a heat rash, and I put some of her diaper cream on it. Cleared up very quickly. Best thing for us was to make sure we paid more careful attention to getting every little crevice dry after bathtime.

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