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jellybelly37 10-03-2012 11:00 PM

Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
Sometimes on the weekend I might make french toast and bacon, or scrambled eggs. And that's only if everybody is relatively in a good mood and i don't think a meltdown is about to ensue and I won't have somebody biting at my heels in the kitchen. But every other day it is cereal and fruit or toast. I just let them pick which cereal they would like. I have noticed people saying they cook waffles etc for their kids in the a.m. I just can't be bothered to cook breakfast. I cook dinner almost every night though. Am I just a lazy mom??

ETA: I just wanted to add that when I say cereal I don't mean sweetened rubbish! My kids can either have corn flakes, rice crispies, bran or muesli (which is what I have.) I just don't usually feel like a hot breakfast myself. During winter we make oatmeal but for some reason my kids don't like it. The baby was eating oatmeal but she doesn't want it any more either, lol. DH eats weet bix, DD1 eats cornflakes, raisin toast and some oj, DD2 eats muesli and an apple, DD3 eats cornflakes or whatever she gets popped onto her highchair and i usually give her a banana as well.

isabelsmummy 10-03-2012 11:12 PM

Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
I have a general rotation of easy breakfasts. We definitely do the same as you a lot. I also do soft boiled eggs and toast often. Or oatmeal. Yoghurt & fruit or smoothies sometimes. If we make pancakes on the weekend I'll make extra for the freezer.

Really though, waffles, toast and pancakes are all exactly the same food just combined in a different way.

MN Mama to 3 10-03-2012 11:17 PM

I'm not a morning person so it's cereal during the week. On the weekend when things are more relaxed we'll cook a bigger breakfast. I'll cook breakfast food for dinner during the week once in a while though.

me_just_me 10-03-2012 11:43 PM

Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
I cook oatmeal almost every morning. I add eggs to it sometimes, along with spices, butter, frozen blueberries to cool it down and a spoonful of natural peanut butter on top. The kids love it and it is very filling with the added eggs, butter and peanut butter.

hishouseholdsix 10-03-2012 11:47 PM

Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
It's hard for me to cook because once the kids are awake they want breakfast NOW! Lol. Some mornings I'm able to make it up and going before them, but on the rest of the mornings I rely on the easy stuff. I do sometimes cook and freeze big batches of things ahead of time that I can reheat quickly, like waffles and pancakes, or breakfast casseroles. I've also seen recipes for crock pot breakfasts that you can put in the night before and they are ready when you get up. Just a couple of ideas :)

supermansmomma 10-03-2012 11:50 PM

Never! Lol. I may scramble an egg for DS#2 during the week though. DH cooks breakfast every weekend. It's his thing, he likes to do it, and I like to eat it;)

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iris0110 10-03-2012 11:58 PM

Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
Nope, the boys eat toaster waffles or cereal for breakfast. I will occasionally scramble eggs if I have them on hand and some one wants them but they aren't that into scrambled eggs.

Resellmybelle 10-04-2012 12:08 AM

Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
DH works from home, so I would be making three meals a day if I made breakfast, GASP. And that just ain't happening atm.

DD does not eat breakfast before school, never has, never wanted to, isn't deprived, isn't suffering even a little bit at school because of this.

Most I do during the week for breakfast for us 2 here at home is oatmeal, otherwise it is almond milk over cereal with some nuts or something.

If we skip breakfast and get hungry at home before lunchtime, I make an early lunch for DH and myself. If I am running errands during lunch, (aka shopping!) he either eats leftovers from dinner the night before or a sandwich or from something I made before I left, but that is not so common since I am not much of a planner. Or I may just bring him back some spring rolls or something yummy and make a bigger dinner early.

Weekends are for pancakes, waffles, breakfast tacos, junk like that.

crunch!910 10-04-2012 04:22 AM

Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
Typically 3/5 mornings out of the work week breakfast burritos are made. Eggs, sausage, beans, green peppers, and onions, then I also put salsa in my tortilla. On busy, busy mornings, its just plain, unsweetend oatmeal with a banana smashed up in it. Other than cheerios, we don't even keep cereal in the house, and we haven't had milk for about a week. (Lost our WIC and refuse to buy it in the hopes we might still find it.. but... I don't really miss the milk at all except for if we'd need it for cooking anything.) We don't do waffles or poptarts or anything like that either. Most days, DS does not eat breakfast, mostly because he doesn't get hungry until brunch.

ETA: I'm a working mom. All our preparations are done during the weekend. I make a casserole dish or two - one for suppers throughout the week, and the other so we can pack our lunches. We cook the ground sausage, we cut up the peppers and onions, and rinse the beans and put them all in their own separate tupperware containers so that in the morning all we have to do is crack the eggs, scramble, and then toss in equal parts sausage/beans/onions/peppers, then toss it all in a tortilla with salsa and cheese. Takes all of 15 minutes. The only way we can eat home cooked meals is doing it this way. Otherwise, there'd be n o time and we'd be eating taco bell, mcdonalds, wendy's, etc, adn then things like cereal or poptarts for breakfast.

scwendy 10-04-2012 04:38 AM

Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??
I work full-time outside the home, and I leave before all but one person in our house.

I would love to be able to cook breakfast for the family, though. My mom was a SAHM when I was young and she always made a delicious hot breakfast before we were off to school and my dad was off to work. I have very fond memories of that:)

I am seriously considering saying farewell to my career and just doing contract work part-time after baby #5 arrives this February. So hopefully, there will be nice breakfasts on the horizon for my family most days of the week!

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