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Lolobug 10-04-2012 06:44 PM

Disney vacation?
Hi mama's!
DH really would love to go to Disney world for a day with our 2 daughters (4 and 17 months). Are we crazy? This part of our vacation is obviously more geared toward our 4 year old. We plan on going to magic kingdom. other suggestions?
I think our cousin and her family are joining us. So we will have 4 adults, 4 kids... Can we stay on property with this many?

Any ideas/suggestions welcome. Please share if you have any money saving strategies!! Thanks!
Suggestions on great resorts, welcomed too!

juliasmom 10-04-2012 07:06 PM

Subbing this one. We are taking our 2.5 yo and 5 month old in a few weeks. Its their first time but DH and I have been lots growing up in central FL. It is the happiest place on earth :-)

Dr.HeathenFaerie 10-04-2012 07:07 PM

Re: Disney vacation?
We have been twice with our kids in the past when they where 2 and 3 then again at 3 and 4. I prefer to stay in the Disney Value hotels because of the extra magic hours and the really fun decorations for the kids. Have you been on mousesavers? They have loads of tips for saving money and finding the best time and stuff to do during that time. Are you only going to Magic Kingdom? My kids love Magic Kingdom but we had lots of fun at Epcot too. You can also bring your own snacks too as well as your own bottled water, soft drinks, juice etc. BUT it has to be in a soft pack like a soft cooler or backpack cooler you can NOT bring in ANY; hard-sided coolers, large coolers, glass of any kind, or alcohol. Also, you cannot bring any type of straws (not even for juice boxes) into Animal Kingdom because they could be dangerous to the animals I guess?

sahmofthree 10-04-2012 07:09 PM

Re: Disney vacation?
If I had more time I'd type out a HUGE reply, but I'll be busy all weekend so I'll point you to the place where I learned all my disney knowledge from:

These boards are a huge wealth of knowledge, and you'll learn everything you need to learn from there!

Mommabeebritt 10-04-2012 07:10 PM

Re: Disney vacation?
I'm going to DisneyLand in February. My son will be around 3 months old. The whole family is going. I went to DisneyWorld with my 2 year old nephew a couple years back and we had a blast. It was just really hot but other than that he was not cranky at all.

luvsviola 10-04-2012 07:55 PM

Re: Disney vacation?
I love Disney and we've take the kids at all different ages. Last year, we took a 4 year old and a 6 week old, and had a blast. This year, we took a 5 year old and a 3 year old (special needs, so we had the stroller as wheelchair pass) which was awesome. We go about once a year.

My biggest advice...get a GOOD carrier. You can't take strollers in the lines, and your baby will only want down. You need something that you can put baby on your back comfortably for an hour or more at a time. I swear someone could make a fortune opening an Ergo, BabyHawk, Beco store somewhere at Disney! People are so envious of my carriers, and I've gotten lots of questions about them while waiting in long lines.

Also, you want a stroller that folds easily. DuoGliders and heavy doubles are a PITA on the busses. Two single strollers is preferable to a double because that way parents can split off without having to split the stroller. We take a Maclarent Triumph for our older DD because it has a carry strap for DH to throw over his shoulder, and a Baby Jogger City Mini single because when you fold it, the strap becomes a carry handle. We have found that 2 singles plus a good carrier is plenty of stroller for us.

Also, take as little crap as you can into the park because when you get on the bus, you have to carry it. They make you fold your stroller.

Stay on property if you can. The Magic Express from the airport is for on-property hotels only, and means you don't have to travel with carseats. You check your bags at your home airport, and they magically appear in your hotel room. You don't even have to pick them up at the baggage claim at the airport. Then, you can check them to go home at your hotel, and don't have to schlep them to the airport yourself.

Last park tickets for one less day than you are going to be there. That way, you can take the last day to run around the hotel and swim, and go to downtown disney, and just relax without feeling like you have to get your money's worth by going to the parks.

The Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios is super cool for the 4 year old. BUT...the fast passes are almost always gone within 30 minutes of the park opening. If you want to have any chance to ride it, be there when the park opens and go straight for the fast pass machine for that.

Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom is my kids favorite ride. It is super cool.

The baby care centers are great except for the one in Magic Kingdom. The ladies in there are NOT nice! DS is special needs and they are rude every time we bring our stroller has a stroller as wheelchair tag on it for a REASON. We've used it on 4 different trips and everywhere else, the ladies are sweet, but at Magic Kingdom, they are so awful. DH was so mad he called customer service on them the last time.

Lolobug 10-04-2012 08:54 PM

This is all great advice! I think we may actually go to the parks one day and spend the rest of our week relaxing, go to beach, etc. any advice on great resorts around Florida and fun things to do w two little girls, always welcomed!

mindylikeomg 10-04-2012 09:14 PM

Re: Disney vacation?

Originally Posted by Lolobug (Post 15771698)
This is all great advice! I think we may actually go to the parks one day and spend the rest of our week relaxing, go to beach, etc. any advice on great resorts around Florida and fun things to do w two little girls, always welcomed!

Theres no way to hit all the parks and be able to do anything in one day.. Thats a death wish! haha. We just got back from Disney

Lolobug 10-05-2012 04:10 AM


Originally Posted by mindylikeomg

Theres no way to hit all the parks and be able to do anything in one day.. Thats a death wish! haha. We just got back from Disney

Oh, absolutely! We are only planning on one day and going to magic kingdom :)

Fairycat 10-05-2012 04:12 AM

Re: Disney vacation?
Because of the in-laws we have done 2 day trips to Disneyworld and it can be done :)

Personally, if you are looking for deals and just one day in the parks I would probably stay off site. I mean why spend money if you aren't going to get the advantage of hanging out at the hotel. I also hate the transportation at the resorts, so for me I would stay off site and just drive in. I agree check out Disboards for help with finding good offsite hotels. Magic Kingdom is the best park for that age, so I would stay there all day, they tend to have the longest hours too.

As for the parks you might be super surprised what your 17 month old can do and will want to do. My DS was pretty much raised at Disneyland, had his first trip to Disneyland Paris at 19 months (he is getting ready for his third trip next month), and first trip to Disneyworld at just over 2 years old. He loves the parks that might be because he is so used to amusement parks, but he always had a blast! Rides like Dumbo, Small World, and even the tea cups are huge hits with DS. Watch out for some of the fantasyland rides, some are darker then you might expect and can get scary. If you aren't sure about a ride, check out the ride along videos on youtube. You can see the whole ride inside, and prepare a child for what they will see. It helped get DS over his fear of POTC, he loved the ride but hated the drops (WDW only has one) :(

I agree a carrier is a great item to have on hand. DS would nap in the carrier and we would go on rides that might scare of bore him, like Haunted Manison or Carnival of Progress. We found carriers so much handier, since strollers constantly have to be reparked, get moved by cast members and if little one falls asleep in it, your stuck. The carrier you just keep movng on :)

Money saving tips, bring snacks, bring refillable water bottles, pre-buy small toys cheap and then just get one big item, share treats and plan at least one splurge.

ETA: With younger kids plan to go slow, but I think WDW has a area the kids can run around and play, it is never a bad idea to give them a chance to just run and play, to break up the time, otherwise they get really bored in the ques.

Oh and the baby care center is great! They have changing tables, nursing stations, baby food to purchase, microwaves and more. you won't need all that but still thought I would mention it, since most of them are great. I love that they usually have small toliets too.

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