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AZmommy 10-05-2012 10:39 AM

so my finial numbers are in...
Chances are I'm done getting diapers for my current baby I went through my TOTAL paypal and checking account history and pulled up every diaper order I've made since I was pregnant.. including accessories.. I can't say exactly what Ive bought but over her diapering days I can say I've gone through several sizes from preemie through true one size stashes.. Ive had form all prefolds and flats to all AIOs. The size of my stash has been as few as 1 dozen diapers and as much as about 4 dozen...

The honestly total amount not counting resale or such from my first purchase 7 months preganat to my last one made about a week ago...
$ 915.32

I'm keeping for baby #3 (which is in the plans :goodvibes:) 12 NB sized birdseye prefolds, 4 preemie and NB sized AIOs and my current stash of freetime and thirsties.. SO far all my kids have been similiar shaped and all so i've fairly confident another will use them.. These diaper if I bought again new would run me about $570 my actually cost was less because of sales and some were bought in on FSOT for much less. From my caculations the above actually cost me $245

I'm also handing onto my accessories my wipes pail liners diaper sprayer etc which accounts for about $90

from what I didn't keep some what towards trades, for example a LOT of my prefolds were the results of diaper trading... However I did sell some of the remaining $580ish in spending and recouped at total(after fees) of $208.67 a good amount were NIP or worn once washed and listed..others were loved and sold her pennies on the dollar.

SO my cloth diaper spending reality for one kid $706.65

My DD is 30 months she averaged 14 diapers a day for about 3 months
12 diapers a day from 3-6 months
9 a day till about 15 months
currently 6 a day...

So shes has been changed an estimated 7,740 times when I use sposie I tend to use more generic or store brand types VS like huggies or pampers so each change is an estimated 14 cents per diaper that comes out to $1083.60 I didn't even figure out wipes but it would have account for a few 100 more..

so yes I still saved with cloth and will countunue as were not ready to PT yet..., could have saved more if I didn't change my mind so often :giggle: :lostit: :blush:

yet to see what a future child might result it.... :giggle2:


AZmommy 10-05-2012 10:46 AM

Re: so my finial numbers are in...
ohh and so I can further justify my $700+ spending $300 of that was a cash gift from my parents to go towards cloth diapers when I was pregnant. making our actual outta pocket under $500 :thumbsup:


FriedaT 10-05-2012 11:03 AM

That makes me feel more justified in my growing wool habit :hugegrin:

kelly679 10-05-2012 11:34 AM

Re: so my finial numbers are in...
wow how cool! I was just lamenting to Dh that I stopped keeping track of my diaper spending. It would have been neat to see the cost. Going from 4 large diapers, and 3 OS pockets to a big stash that covers 3 kids! Thats a lot of $$

RockinLou 10-05-2012 11:42 AM

Re: so my finial numbers are in...
I wish I were organized enough to keep track like you have!!

A $250 gift for cloth got my stash started for each of my babies, and even though I have sold what was initially bought for them with that and replaced it with something that's a better fit, I'm pretty sure my out of pocket for my kids was less than $500 each, and I'm DONE buying diapers even though DS is 16 months old, he will easily PT out of what we have, which is a pleasant balance of 12 AI2s, 12 AIOs, and 12 fitteds to go with the wool I upcycle for him ;-)

AZmommy 10-05-2012 12:51 PM

Re: so my finial numbers are in...
I estimate I would have saved around $400-$500 if I didn't impluse buy KWIM?


bethj516 10-05-2012 01:36 PM

Re: so my finial numbers are in...
Wow, that is really interesting to see a real breakdown. Thanks so much for sharing!

A&EsMommy 10-05-2012 03:54 PM

Wow you make me feel better. I know I'm saving but seeing a realistic break down makes me smile. Especially since #3 will be here in a, month and I don't need anything do it all go towards saving

Catbutt Diapers 10-05-2012 04:21 PM

Re: so my finial numbers are in...
I've kept a spreadsheet of all my expenses along with how many and what type of diapers I've got.
I fully admit I've spent WAY more than what I had inteded to spend, but I ended up on this site, and this site does bad bad BAD things to your budget.

On all my diapers, accessories, and even "luxuries" I have spent: $804.69
That includes a full newborn, size small, and one-size stash, cloth wipes, wipe warmer, diaper sprayer, diaper pail, and wool-care items. The only thing that is NOT included in this number is all my wool, as my MIL bought all of it for me.

So far I have sold off $283 worth of those diapers, making my current out-of-pocket $521.69. And what do I have left to show for that amount:
-10 small AMP pockets w/Alva 100% bamboo inserts
-10 Size 1 Thirsties Pockets (These are my only buying regret, there is NO FLIPPING WAY those fit till 6 months!)
-2 Size 2 Thirsties Pockets
-14 Freetimes (not all here yet)
-4 Elementals
-6 Alvas

-6 of each small, medium, and large prefolds
-4 medium, 6 large fitteds
-6 XS Thirsties covers
-4 Small Thirsties covers
-2 Medium Thirsties covers
-4 Babyland (now that I have the Freetimes, these are used as swim diapers)
-4 small, 2 medium, 4 large Gdiapers w/home made bamboo inserts

-diaper sprayer
-wipe warmer
-air-flow pail
-60 wipes
-1 small wet bag
-2 medium wet bags
-1 large wet bag
-3 pail liners
-4 snappis
-Full sets of wool care in 2 different sents

Xanders 10-05-2012 04:26 PM

I haven't kept track, but I will say with $$ from selling my boy dipes (between here & a friend), I will not spend a penny oop for my newbie. Now, this is of course equaling to buying less & only one kid (b/c I'm trying to be lenient on my sold prices), but nothing oop is amazing to me. When I have finalized newbie's stash, I will take a pic & FB it! ;)

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