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plaidtoaster 10-05-2012 12:36 PM


I am selling this lot for $300. I imagine shipping will be significant. :banghead:

22 One Size Fuzzibunz

These range from EUC to GUC meaning some used for a couple months to a couple years. There are a couple with small staining on a interiors and the whites aren't so pretty on the outside anymore. Two have small (i tried to repair so it's ugly but still fully funtionable) holes in fleece. A couple have crunchy elastic but will include several replacement sets. One has a snap that is chipped but still works. All other snaps work. All in all, these dipes are in good/great condition and will last for quite some time still.

62 Microfiber inserts
Range from new to ugly but mostly great condition. Some may need to be stripped for toddler pee but I don't know which ones.

Several sets Replacement Elastic

Will include in this lot:

  • Daisies Planet Wise Wet Bag, well loved. My husband has bleached this bag and as a result, the colors faded. The handle and corners have been chewed by our old dryer. The small holes on the bottom corners do go all the way through to even smaller holes the interior. I didn't have leak problems and I packed this puppy often.
  • Leslie's Boutique Small wetbag, new.
  • Blueberry Cows, in Good condition, no issues

I also have NEW 2 tiny tush and NEW one fuzzibunz here that I will include for an additional $40 if you buy this lot.

I have these items available as well. I will make a deal if bought with this lot.
New newborn Kissaluvs Marvel in Blue $11 ppd
New Gdiapers orange/green size small $25 ppd.

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