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ElianasMomma8147 10-05-2012 01:46 PM

curious about brands
From what ive gathered from looking at what moms are selling, not a lot of moms stick to one brand? Im kind of wondering why that is. Not only that but there are a heck of a lot more brands out there than I thought. I am brand spankin new at this and am interested in using Fuzzi Bunz elite and Bum Genius 4.0 because of their ability to be used throughout the entire diapering journey. I dont really feel like having to buy multiple stages, the point is to save money right? If there is some method to the madness that someone can explain to me I would be very appreciative!

dncnshu00 10-05-2012 01:48 PM

Honestly, I bought about 8 different kinds of diapers at first because I didn't know what would fit my DD the best. I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.

Kabuki24 10-05-2012 02:04 PM

Re: curious about brands
I feel like there are like 3 different types of cloth diapering moms out there.

Type 1: Strickly using cloth to save the world, save money and have no interest in developing any fluff addition. Example, I have two cousins. One uses prefolds and Thirsties covers, she's probaby never even heard of a BumGenius. Other cousin bought 24 BG 4.0's and is now using them on her second baby. I gave her a Rumparooz pocket and she didn't even know there were other brands (she claims).

Type 2: (I think this is probably most mom's on here fit in this category). They do their research, they buy a few AIO's a few pockets, maybe a dozen prefolds and some covers, decide what they like then buy more of the kind they like. They might on occassion try something new.

Type 3: (There's quite a few type 3ers on here, me being one of them). They try everything. They switch their entire stash what seems like all the time!!! It's more of a hobby than saving money or the world! I'm for sure one of these moms.

My advice to you. Try a few things, see what you like, then buy more of them. Don't buy 24 BG pockets or 24 fuzzibunz, buy a sample of each. Check out swaddlebees/blueberry too.

eileprose 10-05-2012 03:15 PM

Re: curious about brands

Originally Posted by Kabuki24 (Post 15774701)

Type 2: (I think this is probably most mom's on here fit in this category). They do their research, they buy a few AIO's a few pockets, maybe a dozen prefolds and some covers, decide what they like then buy more of the kind they like. They might on occassion try something new.

I am so type 2! I got a rental to start out and try some stuff. I found that I like BG fluff. I have freetimes, 4.0s, and flips. I didn't like elementals. My stash also has 3 kawaiis that I like (freebies mostly), some bedtime fitteds (thirsties covers with those for now) and 4 swaddlebees 2.0 0S for the cuteness. I have one itti bitti tutto that I got as a freebie, I'm not looking to buy more but I reach for it enough. I have 12 prefolds that I don't use much but they are there if I need them.

There are some other diapers that I've gotten through trades or bought that I just don't like or use. I'll trade them off if I see an ISO or sell them if I get up the nerve.

Research! Almost every time I got a diaper that I didn't research I ended up not liking it much. Don't buy all at once and if you think that you might want a variety buy slowly over time. Almost all my diapers came in stages, I bought one freetime on FSOT loved it and bought 9 (3 and then 6) more lol. Got 2 swaddlebees, loved them, got 2 more. That way I can't make a HUGE buying mistake that I have to undo.

You'll find your style :)

RockinLou 10-05-2012 03:42 PM

Re: curious about brands
My sister CDed her kids in Fuzzi Bunz, so when I was pregnant and the OS FB came out, I was gifted 24 of them. At 5 months old they STILL leaked every time I put one on my 5th percentile baby. I sold all of them and bought a full stash of gDiapers. After a few months the liners wore out and the gCloth wasn't absorbent enough, so I sold all of them and bought GroBaby. Each time I sold one stash and replaced it with another I lost money and ended up with fewer diapers, so DD was diapered in a very slim rotation of GroBaby diapers, and I slowly added to it here and there between her first and second birthdays until we had about 24 soakers and 12 shells. She potty trained out of those.

I now have DS, 85% of the time he is in a GroVia hybrid with a stay dry soaker, what I found the love with my daughter I still love for him. I also have a dozen AIOs, the GroVia AIO came out late in my daughter's diapering days so I only had an odd few with her, but with DS it is nice to have them, though I still prefer the fit of the hybrid. I have also added 12 fitteds to his stash this summer and started upcycling wool, mostly because it's fun/cute.

So, though I thought when I got started that I would be like my sister, and just use FB all the time, it sure didn't work out that way! I have never liked the fit of them, and she was far more utilitarian about the cloth diaper world than I am! I am on the forums enough that I can understand a lot of nuances about both the industry and the functions of different diapers, so it is interesting for me to be able to so nicely tweak diapering to meet our needs for a day by pulling from different parts of my stash. However, when people ask me what diaper I would use if I had to do 1 kind full time, I say GroVia hybrids . I really do think I COULD diaper with just them, but I like the variety!

moms101 10-05-2012 03:51 PM

Re: curious about brands
I started t out the same as you. Let me tell you I now own 5 different brands (3 different styles). If you are 100% about saving money this i show i did it.
The first thing I did was buy 6 BG 4.0 because everyone I talked to loved them for overnight and they fit through all sizes. I figured worst case they will just be an overnight thing. I love the bg 4.0 but realized they are very puffy in the small stage so i got flip covers (one-size) and small or medium gcloth inserts to go in them for the small stage. at the medium/large stage I use the flip insert or the gcloth. This keeps cost down & bulk down because i could just use the sized insert when i wanted trim fit & the one-size flip insert when i didnt' care. The flip system is less expensive than BG 4.0, but works great (not the best over night tho). I also tried GroVia (similar to the flip) but it costs a lot & i didn't enjoy the snap in liner or the dry-time. I also tried the gdiaper, but had major leak issues with the cover (love the inserts). Good luck.

cher0105 10-05-2012 03:58 PM

Re: curious about brands
I am a Type 1 but more like the cousin. I have 24 bGs (OK I'm exactly like the cousin, lol), 8 Flips, and about 2 dozen inserts for the Flips. I CD to save money! The fact it is eco its just a bonus. I plan to sell my stash (if 2 kids later it is worth anything) to get money back. Anything back is more than what I'd get for a used disposable. :)

I see other diapers I would love to try but refuse to spend the money. My biggest spurge is replacing my mf with bamboo for my pockets. I am half way there. I feel guilty about it :blush:

I am a little Type A, I would be driven nuts by having random diapers for different occasions, different styles/types, etc. I need streamlined and affordable.

ohgirlohboyohno 10-05-2012 04:20 PM

Re: curious about brands
I started with an obsession to buy a whole bunch of one I ended up with 24 of something...I went through a couple brands like that

Then I got the obsession to have a complete rainbow of I had a bunch of different brands to complete my rainbow.

somewhere in here I thought fitteds were fun

Then I got tired of stuffing pockets so I went with all AIO (BGE) for simplicity and reliability

I still only like AIO diapers...we use about 30 BGE for my 3rd child in diapers (but only one is actually using them). I just ordered some aplix diapers cause my older DD has been helping with the baby and she hates snaps. But I would have been content without them.

I do have a couple "cute" diapers that I bought for the print or color....but basically I am past all my addiction craze and just use what I got now.

BUT - get me knocked up and I can turn into an obsessed crazed diaper buying maniac before the second line shows up on the now I make my DH sleep in the living room (kidding)

Tordreamer 10-05-2012 04:22 PM

Re: curious about brands
I did my research and decided early on I wanted a ai2 diaper. I bought a few of two different types. I bought more of the type I liked and we use it all most exclusively. I have, however bought prefolds for bedtime and after reading how many like pockets, I bought some cheap pockets to test out. I simply still prefer the first ai2 (Grovias) more than anything else I've tried! I've got to get around to selling the spares!

nissa 10-05-2012 04:50 PM

Re: curious about brands
I started out trying many different types and brands at first, and I still use a handful of different types and brands. Not one brand/type I own meets all of my needs. Prefolds and covers are great for almost anything, but I have different types of covers too. I like a good absorbent fitted and cover for overnight, and sometimes I like a super trim AIO to go under jeans. I usually have function in mind when making a purchase, but honestly, sometimes it's just fun to try something new and/or cute, and I find different things I'd like to have more of! :)

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