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abserenity 10-05-2012 05:37 PM

FSOT DESTASH: Paypal or will trade for handmade things or any kind of trainers.

I've got 5 WAHM cotton/zorb diapers and fleece liners to give FREE with the person who wants to purchase the rest of my flats. First come, first serve. They work great under a cover, with an insert and a fleece liner. Super trim.

~SOLD~10.5 GAL PURPLE diaper PUL pail liner.
$5 + ship
FREE Knit cover. The cover helps the stinkies breathe without leaching a funk into your home or wherever you keep the dirties. It's just an acrylic yarn I knit to fit over the pail.

~SOLD~11 L Bamboo/cotton prefold/flat (called, "not your mother's prefold")
Purchased by WAHM - hyena cart Bella Bum Boutique
They have a brown thread sewn edge in case the pictures don't show. I have pictures so please PM and provide your email for pics.
I ALWAYS use a fleece liner so there is minimal staining.
$12 + shipping
1 Alvababy purple cover with white snaps.
1 purple snapi
some fleece liners shaped to fit the diaper. I cut too many and have extra to give away.

5 tiedyed flats. These are flour sack towels that were tiedyed last summer. I have never used them as flat diapers because my kiddo grew too big for flat diapers.
$6 + shipping

~SOLD~6 GMD BROWN edge workhorse
These are in used condition; purchased as seconds. These work fabulously and have minimal staining because I used fleece liners
$6 + shipping.

3 bamboo-fleece flats
I would call these Small-Medium flat in size. Great for overnight.
I have pictures - please pm.
$5 + shipping
I just never used these after LO started eating solids. This is a super deal. One has a teetiny hole in it.

EVERYTHING from a non-smoking cat friendly home. Handmade detergent of washing soda, borax, and oxyclean used. Sometimes I'd wash with blue dawn but not often. Never have used bleach. I prefer to line dry but have dried the diapers on low.

Please ask any other question.

Hellux 10-05-2012 05:46 PM

Pm'ed you :)

cher0105 10-05-2012 05:48 PM

Re: 11 bamboo/cotton prefold/flat with freebies, tiedye flats,6 GMD workhorse, 3 flat
What are the measurements on the bamboo/cotton pfs? I can't find any info on them online.

abserenity 10-06-2012 09:05 AM

Re: 11 bamboo/cotton prefold/flat with freebies, tiedye flats,6 GMD workhorse, 3 flat
11 Prefold flats and GMD workhorse SOLD

MORE free things added! I'll make a photobucket and add pictures next!
DESTASH almost complete!!

I want to trade too!

abserenity 10-06-2012 09:27 AM

Re: 11 bamboo/cotton prefold/flat with freebies, tiedye flats,6 GMD workhorse, 3 flat
Please PM me for photobucket link.

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