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momof7girls 10-07-2012 05:11 PM

lot of NB diapers
I have 15 NB kissaluvs that I bought a few years ago on on here when I first started cding. They were too small for my DD but I hung on to them thinking that we would use them for the next baby. Well, I ended up making nb diapers, so they still didn't get any use from us. That's not to say they are in new condition, I would call them GUC, they are not new looking, but still usable. The snaps and elastics are good. One of them has ebf poo staining and two others have holes in the inner (not sure why,I don't think they came to me this way but could have. it looks like someone cut them, maybe one of my little ones snuck into the diaper basket?) There are also two nb peewells that are in GUC, they have no staining and the elastic/snaps are good on them as well. I would prefer to just sell everything together for $60 ppd (in the US) That comes to a little over $3 per diaper. If you are only interested in a few of them, post on the thread and if they don't sell in a week or so I'll split them up
(the one in the middle front not included)

ebfp staining

hole one

hole 2

Churst 10-07-2012 11:03 PM

Re: lot of NB diapers
I'm interested in 10 to 12 of your best Kissaluv 0s. Do you know if they've been washed in CD safe detergent? I understand that they are in GUC, but how is the elastic (relaxed?)?

princebro 11-28-2012 01:10 PM

Re: lot of NB diapers
are these still available, I'm interested.

snorris2 11-29-2012 09:48 PM

I would love to take the whole lot! Your pm box is full though!

hebetate 01-05-2013 03:47 PM

Re: lot of NB diapers
Hi there,

I would love to buy your NB lot, I'm in desperate need of NB diapers. If they are still available, I live in 78758 and would love to have them.

Thanks so much!

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