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strongwoman 10-07-2012 09:11 PM

Questions for all the wool lovers!
I own different wool covers (IV, Disana, Bebemellons), but I haven't tried all types of wool. Here goes the questions:
-What is the difference between knit wool and interlock? Which is better/more expensive and why?
-Has anyone used OS wool covers by OneLove Diaper Co.? What do you like/ dislike about them?
-What's the best way to dry wool covers during the fall and winter months (I live in Nor-Cal)?

I think those are all the questions I've been saving up so far. Thanks for any input!

nonipie 10-08-2012 08:27 AM

Re: Questions for all the wool lovers!
Interlock is thicker/denser, more like regular fabric and is pretty stretchy and durable. There are so many different varieties of knit. It will all depend on the quality of the wool. Some is better for toddlers, some is softer but pills more etc. Really it's all personal preference. I like interlock and knit. As far as cost I think it's comparable.

I dry wool the same way all year long. Spin in the washer then lay flat to dry.

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