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MyM&W 10-09-2012 01:34 PM

Oh boy, how am I supposed to wait to announce!?
So my plan was to wait until I am 8 weeks to announce to family and FB friends and family...well I'm 4 weeks today and I'm already so ready to announce. :lostit::lostit::lostit: We did tell our kids, ds is only 3 so he gets it but it isn't a huge deal to him, and Madison is 6 and when I saw my aunt in walmart the other day she kept whispering "tell her about the new baby!" but in a 6yo whisper, so yeah it wasn't very quiet. :banghead: So my aunt is the only person that knows and she promised not to tell. I hope she keeps it! :giggle2:

Anyway, I ordered a couple iron ons to put on tshirts for the kids and we are going to go to my parents for dinner and have them wear the shirts. I'm wanting to tell my mom so bad. Her and I are very close, and I've almost spilled the beans a couple times haha. I hate not telling her, but the first time I got pregnant at 19 she was very upset even though I was engaged to get married already hehe. Then then 2nd time when I had my m/c she didn't say much and then when I miscarried she was like "This is why you shouldn't have even told anyone" so when I got pregnant with ds a couple months later she was very leary. So in a way I'm kind of afraid to tell her....but so badly want to tell her. Does that make sense? :headscratch:

How are you keeping your cool and not telling anyone??

ETA: I'd LOVE to wait until Christmas time to announce so that way we could have u/s pictures to give our parents. But that means I'd have to wait even LONGER. I'd be about 15wks by then...but that means waiting another 11 weeks!! gah!

Leaner 10-09-2012 02:12 PM

Re: Oh boy, how am I supposed to wait to announce!?
I wait until I start puking. LOL I've miscarried 3 times and never was sick with those, so once I'm worshiping at the toilet regularly.

I only found out today and I want to tell the world already! LOL I'm trying really hard to keep it quiet (except on here) and at least wait to tell the kids until after I tell DH.
I'd love to wait until CHristmas, too. But there is no way I'll be able to make it through Thanksgiving.

MyM&W 10-09-2012 02:23 PM

Re: Oh boy, how am I supposed to wait to announce!?
haha I told dh first, then dd, then my bff. Then dd blabbed to my aunt. haha.

I'm thinking that if my beta looks good tomorrow, although I won't get the results until Thursday or Friday I will feel comfortable telling my parents and in-laws. I might wait longer to announce to fb and friends.

Fishie Kisses 10-09-2012 02:56 PM

Re: Oh boy, how am I supposed to wait to announce!?
Our plan currently is to wait til Christmas. I will be 16wks on the 24th, and I have a friend in Sonography school who said she would do an u/s for me the Friday before to see if we can see gender (knowing my kids, if it's a boy it'll be obvious. They were all spread eagle! lol) I'm hoping and praying I can wait that long but I'm starting to wonder. I want to shout it from the mountain tops right now! But, I am adamantly waiting at least until the first u/s in Nov

MyM&W 10-09-2012 03:59 PM

Re: Oh boy, how am I supposed to wait to announce!?
Best of luck mama haha. I know how hard it is to wait!!

JaylasMommy 10-09-2012 05:23 PM

I already told. I'm waiting until the ultrasound to post it on Facebook. Since I live with my parents, I couldn't hide the puking....

SaraElise 10-09-2012 06:03 PM

Re: Oh boy, how am I supposed to wait to announce!?
We usually wait until about 13 weeks to tell anyone, but after my miscarriage that no one knew about, it was weird acting as though the whole thing just never happened.

So this time we are telling family this weekend at my son's party when I am 5.5 weeks, and then telling everyone else after my ultrasound when I am 7 weeks.

MyM&W 10-10-2012 04:26 AM

That's what I'm thinking we are going to do. Although I don't think they will give me a us until 10 weeks. But I'd love to have one sooner to ease my mind about the cramping..

tricia17lee 10-10-2012 08:38 AM

Waiting is so hard! I had to tell a handful of people just to get it out of my system. Try are all sworn to secrecy. So DH, my sister, dad, step mom, best friends (2), and immediate coworkers.

Other family and friends that I don't see often enough to notice how sick I am we are trying to wait until November 9th when we will hear the heartbeat. Then it will be FB official since word spreads like wildfire anyway. I will be 10.5 weeks at that appointment.

laineypaige 10-11-2012 08:41 PM

Re: Oh boy, how am I supposed to wait to announce!?
I'm dying to tell people too!! I've told my best friend and my sister, but that's it. I'm gonna wait until after my first doc appointment to tell the rest of our family and close friends, and then probably a few weeks longer to announce it to friends on facebook and stuff.

I discovered with my last pregnancy that if I'm not sure when my last period was then they'll do an ultrasound to figure out dates, so that's my plan. And I'm really not sure when it was, sometime in the beginning of September, but since we weren't really trying I wasn't really keeping up very well :)

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