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organicmama10 10-10-2012 01:55 PM

recovery and taking care of a nb plus toddler
C-section is looming....although it's plan b at the moment. We'll know for use in a couple of weeks after u/s to see if the placenta moved a smidgen! My only resistance is that I'll have to take care of our 2yo toddler while recovery and nursing a newborn. I'm sure many have gone through it but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it at this time. Thoughts? Advice?

raisingcropsandbabies 10-11-2012 04:47 AM

Re: recovery and taking care of a nb plus toddler
Will you have help for the first 2 weeks? If not, then do you have friends who could babysit your toddler during the day, even just for 3 hours or so?

You need to avoid lifting your toddler as much as possible. Start teaching her how to climb up to her booster at the table, climb up to the changing table, upto her carseat. You lift her more than you realize. Also a little stepstool can be helpful if she is having trouble. Keep a stepstool or similiar near her crib so when you lift her to put her in it, you are lifting from a higher position... it makes a difference!

Freezer meals can be a lifesaver for post-csection. That's the only way my older kids were able to get healthy meals when I couldn't cook. Papa is not the cook in the family and my sister was too busy helping and learning the ropes with the 3 older kids to cook.

Go to Dollar Tree or the like and pick out a few weeks worth of trinkets and busy big kid stuff to pull out when your toddler is getting fussy or wants to cuddle with you and you are hurting too much. Great distractions at a cheap price!
Be prepared to let the tot watch a little more tv than you usually want them to. It's just for a short time in the grand scheme of things and you need to heal to be the mama you are again.

If you are going to love on your toddler, place the boppy and a pillow around you stomach. Helps cushion your tender areas from the toddler's knee and elbow jabs.

beccatown 11-11-2012 01:07 PM

Re: recovery and taking care of a nb plus toddler
I had a repeat section when my son was 18 months. I had help the first week home, but after that I was on my own. I did better this time keeping on top of the pain, changed him on the couch and tried to keep him busy as much as possible. This time I will have a 3 year old and a 20 month old after have the new baby in 5 weeks. I hope I can pull it off.

My only advice to is to take it easy and accept any help anyone offers. Good luck!

nicolewayne 01-06-2013 10:00 PM

Re: recovery and taking care of a nb plus toddler
I had my 4th child and 3rd c-section 14 months after my daughter was born. Try your best to have everything in a easy spot to get to but high enough that your toddler can't get it. I hid most of our stuff in the pac-n-play that stayed in the living room. He was tiny enough for the first month that he stayed in the changing station part and then the blankets, diapers, wipes ect were in the bassinet part. My husband was home for the first 2 weeks but of course was out alot doing his thing so I had atleast 1 extra at all times. We didn't do freezer meals DH cooked the first couple days but after that I was up and doing everything like normal. To me if I got back to normal and moved around it helped me out.

qsefthuko 01-06-2013 10:28 PM

Re: recovery and taking care of a nb plus toddler
My dd was 4 when ds1 was born. I went it alone after dd and swore never again. A month before my ds1 was due I moved in with my mother. I stayed until I felt I was able to handle things easily without help. It was great as ds1 had birth related injuries. I knew my dd was well cared for so was able to concentrate on my nb. At 2-3 weeks post partum I went home. Ds2 I was fortunate. My husband was able to take off 3 weeks with full pay. I also had older kids to help out as well. This time I was able to stay home.

I agree with pp suggestion of freezer meals. Get help if at all possible. Even a few hours can make a lot of difference. Disposable plates, cups, and silverware saves doing dishes.

essential1892 01-06-2013 10:53 PM

Re: recovery and taking care of a nb plus toddler
When I had my second child my son was 2. Honestly, recovering from the c-section and taking care of the kids wasn't that bad (the third baby- don't even get me started on how hard it was). My DH had to go back to work right after I got home from the hospital because the small company he worked for laid off a bunch of people and he had to go in to pick up the slack.

I totally freaked out before having the baby though- I thought that there was no way that I would survive a newborn and a two year old. My advice is before you go in to have your baby do a deep clean of your house, make a ton of freezer meals and tell yourself that your home is not going to look like something from a Pottery Barn catalogue for a long time. Adjust your expectations of what needs to be done at home and focus on taking care of your newbie and giving your older child a ton of love. Also, having a husband who helps out a lot is awesome!

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