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usmcmatthews 10-11-2012 01:18 PM

Master October IHA/ISO list
I'm not in search of too much so I'll list that first :wink:

PP :goodvibes:
Small/Medium KNIT (no crochet or interlock) Longies
Knitting Supplies
Pottery Yarn Bowl
Hairbows/accessories for dd (7 yr old)
Wooden trains/tracks
Charlies Soap
Imse Vimse Stain remover cube
Leapster Explorer Games, accessories
Gift Cards

Other than that just try me, ya never know...


Diaper Sprayer, asking $30ppd

Snack pod for stroller $10ppd

GPS Dash Pad $20ppd (this was $35) never opened

MM Branwen Skirted Longies on MMR, size N/Small
Rise 13
Waist 12
Hip 16
Inseam 6
Cuffed Inseam 5
My LO turned out to be a boy, so I never even got to use these :cry: asking what I paid $44ppd

L (Ocean Blue) Stacinator cover. It also has some staining and discolorization. Asking $12ppd

I didnt write down the info on these :banghead: so I dont know the info on them. The wool is super soft this. Never worn by us, they look brand new.
Asking $45ppd
I (without ruffle or gusset) 6"
Ruffle 1"
W 7 1/2"
H 9"

Purewool maybe? Asking $30ppd

Asking $30ppd, great condition only used over sposies

Asking $25ppd, some felting, only used over sposies by us but I got them here on DS. I cant remember any info about them. I can try to research it?

(2)Precious Dignity size L, measurements 17" x17"
They have some staining,but I have not sunned them either. There were there when I got them here on DS. Made of OBV, still very soft, not quite silky.
Asking $11ppd each

(unknown) OBV Embellished, also has snaps attached. One area (pictured below) is coming undone but can easily be fixed. Measurements 18.5"x15"
Asking $12ppd

(3) Unknown maker, OBV embellished. One has a couple pin rust stains on edge. Measuremets 15"x16"
Asking $35ppd for set (these are heavy to ship) Sold

(5) Dyed Prefolds, Measurements 15"x20"
Asking $5ppd each or $23ppd for set
3 white edge Prefolds (only 2 is shown in pic), measurements 15.5"x20"

2 Blue Edge Prefolds, measurements 13.5"x18.5"
Asking $5ppd for both

Infant dyed Prefold, measurement 13"x11", asking $4ppd

Piper's Closet size L (i think) $13ppd ( this dipe is super absorbant!)
Has a couple spots on the front (pictured)

Nikky diapers (think they were AIO at one time, however work as fitteds now) $6ppd for both

Baby Basics by Kooshies size L (I believe) asking $7ppd

EEUC Thisties Fab Fitted size L asking $13ppd (also have an Orange not pictured)

Kushies Large-toddlerish asking $15ppd
No staining and aplix in EUC

Thirsties AIO stuffable, a couple stains but I havent sunned it. Asking $9ppd

GUC Yellow & Ocean Blue BG OS 3.0
some aplix curling, no stains, includes inserts.
Asking $16ppd for both or $9ppd each

EUC green and 2 Ocean Blue, no stains and inserts included. Asking $12ppd each or $32ppd for all

usmcmatthews 10-12-2012 01:55 PM

Re: Master October IHA/ISO list

usmcmatthews 10-14-2012 07:30 AM

Re: Master October IHA/ISO list
need PP desperately to fund a wool purchase!

usmcmatthews 10-14-2012 07:52 PM

Re: Master October IHA/ISO list
reaaaally need pp to fund wool purchase :blush:

usmcmatthews 10-15-2012 12:07 PM

Re: Master October IHA/ISO list
any interest?

usmcmatthews 10-16-2012 06:55 AM

Re: Master October IHA/ISO list

usmcmatthews 10-17-2012 11:50 AM

Re: Master October IHA/ISO list

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