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coffeemama 10-11-2012 08:38 PM

Destashing questions...
We are now down to 1 in diapers and she is our last kiddo:cry: so I am trying to make some destashing decisions but dont want to regret anything.:cry: I have been CDing for 5+ years nonstop and am pretty much over the novelty of it w/ exception to a cute cover here and there. I would love to get down to just what I need to simplify things. My favorite diapers are and have been flats,BGE, and Flip stay dry inserts, w/ PUL covers. Would I be safe selling my 12 pfs (never use but heavy to ship), my workhorse fitteds (like for coverless but can use my flats coverless if DD has a rash), 6 BGE (love these but dont know if I need them since we have FLip stay dry-they are handy for the diaperbag and for others to change but not sure if we NEED them). I have also added some gdiapers to our stash. Do you think the gdiapers and Flip stay dry inserts will be easy enough for the diaperbag and others to change on occasion? Would I be happy getting rid of everything but flats,gdiapers,Flip stay dry, and PUL covers?
What is your experience?

armywife21 10-11-2012 09:02 PM

Re: Destashing questions...
I would get rid of anything that you haven't used within the last few weeks/month. If your reaching for something don't sell it.

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