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ssand23 10-12-2012 08:38 AM

XXL covers & diapers?
We need these badly, but do they exist? I'd prefer pull on or snaps but I'll take Velcro if that's my only option.

Ds is 42 lbs at 2 years & not close to using the potty at all due to medical reasons. We currently have XL Bummis pull on covers but the thighs are tight. The XL Bummis snap wraps are too small & he outgrew out Flip Trainers. We have some of the Hiney Lineys Big Kid hybrids. The outside PUL part fits over inserts (not ds' XL Sbish fitteds) but the inside snap in liner to make it stay dry is too small. And now he's on the largest setting of the XL Sbish obf's.

He's allergic to disposable products (plus they don't fit, he outgrew the size 7 pampers, all Pull-ups & is allergic to the Goodnights) but I've wondered about using the Flip disposable inserts in some of his covers. I'm wondering if there was only a super thin liner, if the covers might fit that are too tight with a fitted or flat?

Stay dry is a must but he's allergic to fleece so he can only tolerate suedecloth & athletic type stay dry fabrics like the Motherease stay dry.

I saw someone offering XXL proraps on Amazon but there were no photos & I questioned if it was a legit listing since I've never seen them anywhere else.

mom to 1 little guy (12/09) & 3 big girls ('02, '99 & '94)

BirthdayMama 10-12-2012 08:55 AM

What about the toddler size Mother-Ease? The ones that are bigger than L Sandy's? I've never used them, but I've heard they are enormous. And I would assume they would be available with the stay-dry doubler. I also have a friend who uses the Happy Heiny's L pull-on pant on her 45lb 6-year-old at night. I think those are stay-dry also, but I might be wrong.

MrsS 10-12-2012 08:59 AM

Re: XXL covers & diapers?
Hmm I'm interested too. My fella's just turned two and is almost 40 lbs. He still fits flips but I have a feeling in another 6 months he will be out of them...I'm curious too. I have a feeling he won't potty learn till he's closer to 3. I do use Flip trainers some but they get pilly fast. You can put a stay dry liner over the other one to make it more absorbent.

ServingHim 10-12-2012 09:32 AM

Re: XXL covers & diapers?
The toddlerease sandy's are pretty roomy but they aren't staydry - you could put in a liner but the rest of the diaper would still be wet against his skin.
Are Fuzzibunz fleece lined? I know they have an XXL option.
The Flips disposable inserts are great! We used them on a long road trip and for a while once we got to our destination. They worked great for our 4 yr old night only. I just doubled up at night for him but it never leaked. They are very trim but absorb a lot.

thtr4me 10-12-2012 11:06 AM

Re: XXL covers & diapers?
If the ToddleEase fit, I would see about having a single layer suedecloth 'diaper' made to go under the ToddleEase to make the whole thing stay dry. For covers, do you use wool at all? The Disana 4-5yo size fit my 6yo well and is what we use for nights. You could also have fleece or wool interlock soakers made to fit.

If you sew, you could try making a fleece soaker with Katrina's pattern.

BeccaSueCongdon 10-12-2012 11:37 AM

The Capris have a huge cut. We were able to put one on my 50lb 4 yo on the largest setting one night when his super undies werent ready for bedtime. I have a light pink one with some of the edge stitching coming undone (see photo) that I could send you for $5 if you want to just try the fit? They are usually $15 on the FSOT so could resell it for $8-$9 (since it's got the loose stitches) and make all your money back (including fees and shipping) if the fit isn't right. Or I could FFS it to you, and you could send it back to me too.

You could also try maybe the 3T Gerber plastic pants over prefolds? Is 3T a good size or do you need 4T?

ssand23 10-12-2012 09:06 PM

Re: XXL covers & diapers?
He outgrew the Toddlease about 6 months back & I just sold them all. His waist was too big even on the largest settings possible & the thighs were very tight. :( When we used those, I got a few of the Motherease Stay Dry absorbent liners to make them stay dry & they are awesome so I saved them to use with other diapers & flats! I've been a big ME fan for about 13 years now. Very sad all their diaper & covers stuff is too small. I loved their Wizard line, too but he outgrew those over a year ago.

Fuzzibunz are fleece lined & so are the Happy Hiney trainers that come in an XL size (I was at their site earlier & that was the only product they sell with measurements that would fit him, though I remembered a friend giving me 1 or 2 of those so I may try cutting out the fleece to maybe make them a cover?).

We got some of the 110/116 sized Disana wool soakers but discovered he's very allergic to wool. He was covered in hives when I tried them last (I tried a couple times to make sure it was definitely the wool). But that did at least explain why he can't tolerate the CJ's Butter in the tub, it has lanolin in it but he can tolerate the spray since it's lanolin free. He has very severe allergies. Winter coats are so hard to find for him as well since he can't tolerate fleece (most are fleece lined) or wool. Everyone once in a while, we get lucky & find a nylon coat so I'm on the hunt for this year's winter coat, too. :) We even had to get a car seat with a cover that is nylon only, no poly (the Britax Cowmooflage thankfully is just nylon, they were the only company I found that sells poly free car seat covers). I do have a bunch of the Cotton Babies stay dry suedecloth socks and a ton of the Motherease stay dry absorbent liners. I use them to make everything stay dry. :)

He wears a size 5T in clothing so I'm guessing a 3T or 4T diaper may be too small. He has a 24-25 inch waist & 15 inch thighs. Many products are listed as fitting to 50 or 50 lbs but the waist &/or thigh measurements aren't large enough. He's a solid boy who I don't see slimming down for a while (he has a lot of health issues that affect his diet but I am so thankful that his liquid medical food only diet, no food ever, is helping him grow well). I think that's what gets tricky since he's big all over. A slimmer 42 lb toddler would probably fit in many of these great suggestions but he's thick. Not fat but more big boned and stocky especially at his waist & thighs.

Thank you for the suggestions, keep them coming please!

fish3737 10-12-2012 09:33 PM

Re: XXL covers & diapers?
Have you found anything in the special needs cloth world??

Ruth at Snap-ez comes to mind - but she does fleece lined I believe. But they are so nice she might be able to help you do something custom.

Also - wondering if there are any wahms that could do a custom for you? The big issue would be expense of course.

onegratefulmama 10-12-2012 09:40 PM

These are a bit pricey but go up to size 8/9 and I think have the right material. I recall in craft chat a month or so ago someone posted about trying a bigger kiddo diaper. If I can find it I'll post it here.

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kirst 10-12-2012 09:47 PM

Re: XXL covers & diapers?
What about cloth diapers for adults? I have seem a few on eBay so you might be able to get a very small adult sized cover then put prefolds or towelling inside them with your stay dry suedecloth liner (or even a size 7 diaper not done up, but inserted more as an insert)?

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