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momEmac 10-12-2012 06:02 PM

Trainer for Tiny Butt? :)
I posted this in Diaper Q and A, but thought you ladies might have good suggestions too.
My son is 10 months and 20 pounds. I had planned on starting to potty train around a year, but he is showing readiness now. He's peed in the potty twice today and once yesterday. I know it's early, but my family always trains early. So I need suggestions on trainers in tiny sizes. I think we would catch more pees if we had something easy to pull up and down. So suggestions?

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eLiz21730 10-12-2012 08:03 PM

Re: Trainer for Tiny Butt? :)
Hello! My little guy is tiny (2 yrs. old and just now coming in to 18 mo. clothing so that he fills it out properly). We used fitted and covers until he was 18 months old and he was at least big enough to hold up 18 mo. Gerber trainers. I sort of think (some may think it's crazy) that him having to wait while I undid his cover and fitted and got him on the potty helped him with bladder and bowel control. My husband and I each worked out our own system for taking him to the bathroom in public - which he mostly held it b/c he didn't care for public toilets until he was bigger.

At any rate, you can always find a WAHM who makes great trainers, but this was my first and I had no idea if what I was doing would work, so I didn't want to invest a lot in case I had to change tactics. Also, I was worried about having enough on hand in case of accidents so I knew that the Gerbers were the most affordable for us. Hope that helps! :)

Mom2jandb 10-12-2012 10:04 PM

You can get little trainers from mothergoosedesigns (I ordered little undies from her). She's a DS mama too.

I also like the trainers/undies from an Etsy shop called reclaimed childhood.

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