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beginswithb 10-12-2012 06:43 PM

Nursing bra with wide straps
(I tried searching the forum but it kept saying there weren't any posts containing the word 'bra.' :headscratch: )

I wore a 38DD pre-baby and now that my supply is in for good (he's 5 weeks old), I'm definitely beyond that (probably 40E by now). I bought a nursing bra from Target but the straps were SO THIN. They cut into my shoulders and did not hold up the girls at all. I bought a used Playtex bra on eBay and it fits well enough. However, one bra (not counting the sports bra I have to sleep in) does not cut it.

What is your favourite wide-strap bra for big girls?

tibeca 10-12-2012 08:26 PM

Re: Nursing bra with wide straps

Please either get a professional to measure you, or measure yourself.

under bust=band size (round up for odd)
full bust measurement-band size= cup

So 37 under and 42 full bust= 38 D
Bravado supremes aren't pretty, but they have nice wide straps. I like and for a decent selection. Personally, I just convert regular bras to nursing bras, because I can't find my size (34 J).

beginswithb 10-12-2012 08:31 PM

Re: Nursing bra with wide straps
Huh. Can you tell I've never been measured for a good bra before? :-) Thanks for the info and links! I'll have my husband measure me tomorrow. I'm afraid to see my real cup size.

juliasmom 10-12-2012 08:43 PM

ITA! You need to wear the right band and cup size. There is a great tutorial with pictures on on measuring yourself and how a bra should fit (not fit). Wear a well fitting will change your life! Almost all the "lift" and support should come from the band not the straps. I have a similae chest size and I like Anita and Elomi nursing bras.

tibeca 10-12-2012 08:45 PM

Re: Nursing bra with wide straps
Under bust is the measurement around your body right under your breasts against your rib cage.

Full bust is the measurement around the fullest part of your breasts.

Your band should fit snug against your body. has a great survey you can do to get an even better idea for your breast and body shape so you buy the right style of bra for you. It helped explain why even though I would buy the right size, the fit for me was often wrong. After the survey, I bought 4 bras that all fit really well. I learned which brand was the best fit for me in a select style, and will never have poorly fitted bras again!

MamaApril 10-13-2012 08:03 AM

Re: Nursing bra with wide straps
You will not find good nursing bras at walmart or target. When I crossed over an E cup, I had to start ordering online from better companies than playtex. The larger sizes usually do have wider or padded bras. I also like They have a great sizing calculator, as well as your actual br**st shape. Then in the bra descriptions she tells which shapes work best with which bras. I don't usually order from her, because I try to go to ebay and find a new one there for less, but I get ideas there re: what will work for me and what won't. You can shop by brand, but I like to shop by "larger sizes" so I can see all the different options for the larger sizes.

knodceo 10-13-2012 11:29 AM

Hot milk!

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