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buko 10-13-2012 02:22 PM

Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
So, I'm planning on full-time ECing my babe from birth (~March). The current plan is for DH and I to be dual WAHP-- so it might be more accurate to say that DH will be ECing, especially at first, when I'm bfing round-the-clock. :happyclap:

This will be our first, so I'm stocking up on baby clothes. When researching and reading about EC, I tucked away the idea that it's easier to buy shirts (or cut off onesies) than have the babe wear one-pieces. But of course it's sooooo much easier to find onesies than shirts (below 2T), and even though I don't MIND cutting onesies off, I'd prefer not to.

What say you? What do you use on your infants?

Why are shirts easier, again? And how MUCH easier?

Is this more of an issue with diaper-free time, or is it always significantly easier to have the babe in shirts?

I can see where it's nice not to have an extra step (unsnapping) when removing a diaper so frequently. But how big a deal is it? And for diaper-free time, is it an issue of babe peeing on the onesie, or an issue of babe feeling something on his/her bum?

I'm a bit fuzzy on this now and would appreciate your thoughts!

MtnHarmony 10-14-2012 01:20 PM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
I found shirt or gown better than onsies. Onesies drove me nuts! With a boy it is impossible to potty without hitting the onsie. Gowns can be hiked up to the chest and will stay (most times), or if you have a shirt that works perfectly. While doing EC we often had the baby with a cloth diaper/trainer or even naked but not at birth! Because wee ones can not hold it very long it is best to make everything as quick and simple to potty as possible. Even a few seconds can count. PLUS you don't wanna be messing with the onesie in the middle of the night, even if you leave them unsnapped they end up wet - either due to the prefold getting wet (with a boy) or a the boy hitting it while pottying. With boys you WILL have to aim their parts to make the pee go the right direction and you only have so many hands so ANYTHING in the way is a PITA :)

We didn't do alot of diaper free time, and when we did I prefered to see what was going on down there as boys tend to show signs down there b4 they pee too :)

There are some T-Shirt Gowns like at the EC and Contiuum store that we Loved :)

buko 10-14-2012 09:54 PM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
Thanks! That really clarifies things for me-- I have so little baby experience in general, let alone EC!

R055ANA 10-23-2012 08:32 PM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
Hi there Buko!

How awesome you want to start EC w/ your baby from birth!

I started EC w/ my 3rd DD @ birth. We had her sister's old clothes so I decided to make do w/ what we had. Onesies aren't the greatest for EC but you can still use them. Our biggest issue was forgetting to lift them out of the potty and DD would go and I would find the onesies flap all soaked : (

Eventually what I decided to do was snap them on the side (the left or right hip). This ensured it wouldn't get forgotten and dipped in the pee and it would keep DD clothed.

Don't worry about not having lots of baby experience. Your baby will be your best teacher. It is awesome you are expecting your 1st and already know about EC. It took me 3 kids to learn about it.

Depending on the area you live in you might want to check out and find out if you have a support group near you. Full disclosure I have been a mentor for our group for a few yrs.

Best wishes and feel free to ask more questions!

Rdesonia 10-24-2012 01:13 AM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
If you know someone that sews, It would only take them about 5 minutes to cut off and hem a onsie into a shirt. About 2 minutes if they have a serger! Ask around... Someone might be glad to do it as a present for the baby!

mel j 10-24-2012 01:43 AM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
I don't like onesies for EC at all, but I do still use them sometimes. I have also cut off the bottom of some onesies with pinking shears. They don't fray! I'm not very good at sewing so this worked well for us. I just try to get regular shirts though :)

buko 10-24-2012 12:05 PM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
Awesome advice, everyone! I have a couple of seamstresses in the family, and I think my mom might even own a serger (though she doesn't sew much anymore, she used to frequently). I can also see snapping to the side except when we go out. And thanks for the local support rec!

tmccarthy 10-24-2012 11:18 PM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
I personally don't like onesies for EC'ing (even unsnapped), I think primarily because I have boys. My EC'ing friend uses them unsnapped all the time with her girls and has no trouble. I think gender makes a big difference. I chop off onesies all the time and never hem them, but I prefer actual shirts.

I second what was said above: newborns pee all the time and you'll be offering the potty so frequently, you'll need quick access. My favorite at home is a prefold with a prefold belt.

redlichen 10-26-2012 12:44 AM

Re: Onesies/One Pieces vs. T Shirts for EC?
I can see how they would pose a problem with boys. I had a girl and did not have a problem with the onesie getting in the way. She was potty trained before she could really take off anything by herself, so I had to help her anyways un-snapping a onesie whether because you are about to go sit on the potty or to change a diaper isn't very different. I will say that the anytime she roamed pantsless, I ended up cleaning up poop somewhere. I don't know what it was about a bare bum that brought out the poop.

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