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buko 10-13-2012 02:36 PM

What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
So, I'm due in March with our first, and I'm thinking I have a decent idea of what to start with, but I'm not sure...

I have:

-2 slinglings pouch slings that seem like a good fit (cheap from Zulily)
-1 nice but basic padded-shoulder Mei Tai from a consignment sale

So far, I've spent ~$50.

I would like to buy or register for:

-Moby/stretchy wrap
-Bali breeze wrap (since babe will be ~3 months when it starts to get hot and VERY humid here)

Is that a good start before baby comes?

I have just a couple concerns...

-DH (who is possibly more excited than I am about BW) and I went to the local natural baby store and tried out lots of things. I liked the Beco Butterfly II, but he disliked the SSCs and looooooved the Moby most of all. (And was pretty impressive wrapping it after only seeing it demonstrated once!) He has confidence we can figure out back carries in wraps/Mei Tais so I was thinking of skipping a SSC altogether unless they seem really necessary or I get some sort of screaming deal. Yes? No?

-Ring slings seem a little more appealing to me than the Slinglings I have (though I like the Slinglings fine)... But I've never really played with one in person and IDK if I really need one. Plus I have a feeling we'll be using the Moby more than anything. IDK...

I should note that DH and I are built really similarly (as much as that's possible), except for his shoulders. When I'm not pregnant, we have the same chest and waist measurements and are only 2" apart in height. So although adjustability is important, we generally "fit" sized carriers about the same.

Any thoughts appreciated!

hpfgirl 10-13-2012 02:46 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
I think it's pretty uncommon to jump right into wraps and slings, but go for it! A moby will give you an idea about how you feel about wrapping without spending too much money. Then, if you love it, you can get into woven wraps as baby gets heavier.

Ring slings are awesome. I have a WAHM one that is pretty nice. I've heard the WCRS (wrap-converted ring slings) are way nicer though. Maybe some day...

Most people like to have at least one buckle carrier for going out. They are better for frequent ins and outs and for carrying for a long time. Also, no ends to drag on the ground. The Beco Butterfly is an excellent choice. I also have an Ergo performance and a Boba that are very nice too.

buko 10-14-2012 09:54 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
Thanks, Sara!

thtr4me 10-15-2012 02:55 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
Sounds like your DH may be a wrapper! If it were me, I would skip the Moby and go straight for a woven wrap. The Bali Baby Breeze would be a good place to start. Or if you really just want to jump in with both feet, a Vatanai wrap depending on how hot it gets where you are. I am in So-Cal, and Vatanai and other thin wraps are fantastic here!

And yeah, if you are not feeling the SSC love, just skip them completely. I tried a whole bunch of different ones, and ended up figuring out that I just don't like buckly things at all. DH did not either. He prefers Mei Tais, but will use a wrap if I put it on him. I use woven wraps exclusively, although I tried a lot of other stuff before I landed exclusively with wovens. I have had a lot of practice and can wrap almost as fast as most people take to put on an SSC, so they work just fine for ups and downs and out and about. As for tails dragging on the ground while wrapping, I just had to get over that. I won't wrap in a wet rainy parking lot though. If it is raining, I just grab kids, make a dash for the door of wherever I am going, then wrap inside ;).

And Sara is right. Ring slings are great! Take a peak at Sleeping Baby Productions. Jan is fabulous, her slings are fabulous, and Jan is fabulous (did I say that already?)! And yes, wrap conversion slings are awesome, but there are lots of other fabrics that work just as well for a ring sling, and Jan has a great selection of super fabrics, all at really reasonable prices.

buko 10-15-2012 04:16 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
Can I ask a super newbie question?

Besides adjustability for the wearer, what is the main advantage of the ring sling over a pouch type sling? Ability to move baby around for nursing and such?

thtr4me 10-15-2012 06:57 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
A pouch sling must be a precise fit, and usually can only be used by one person. Without a really good fit, it is hard to position baby safely and comfortably. But if you have a great fit, it is priceless for those super fast poppable carries. I used one a lot with DS1, but after DS2, it did not fit, so I never used it with DS2. A ringsling has the advantage of being adjustable, so it can be shared by multiple users, and adjusted for different carries, etc. After using both, I have found that I prefer ringslings between the two.

buko 10-15-2012 07:11 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
Makes sense... I feel like the pouch is a good fit, but I haven't put a real live baby in it! And DH is built sort of ridiculously similarly to me (except pecs instead of boobs, and bigger shoulders)... but it's hard to say.

thtr4me 10-15-2012 07:27 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
Sounds like you are off to a good start then. And wow, being able to wear the same pouch size as your DH? Impressive!

And I just reread your OP, and if I were you, I would skip the Moby completely. They are hot just by themselves. You really won't be getting much use from it. I would look at the Breeze which is already on your list, and look into Vatanai as well. You may be able to find a good deal on a used on on FSOT here, on, or on the Facebook Swap group. Vatanai are known for being great for hot and humid weather.

And either a Vatanai or the Breeze both would be fantastic with a newborn :D!

buko 10-15-2012 07:32 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
I'm all for spending less money, but the appeal of the Moby for me is the fact that you can wrap first and pop baby in second... and we don't have any actual babywearing experience! So it seems like it might be a good "starter" wrap for us? Also thinking it will still be chilly to moderate temps for baby's first 3 months... ?

juanitapalomita 10-15-2012 09:28 PM

Re: What's a good starter "set" for a n00b?
I had a moby, a ring sling and two pouches with my first baby. The moby is good because it is easy to get a good wrap, but they are hot and if baby gets heavy fast like my porker did, they jiggle around too much. The pouch was cute, but I could never get the fit right, and in retrospect I think it was because my baby was very big at three months and my boobs were super big too. Sorry tmi, but it happens. I loved my ring sling made with a girasol wrap, and I am using again with my second baby. I love it but ring slings are really something you wear for short periods of time, like going to the farmers market for less than an hour(in my opinion). They do hurt after awhile, and thats why people use a woven wrap or a SSC. We had an ergo, but both my husband and I didn't really care for it. He got a baby hawk oh snap in a camouflage fabric which he loves because dudes love camo and I think it accommodates his height of six feet, and I ended up getting a long silk indio dydimos for 100 bucks which I love and can't wait to use with my second son once it cools of here in L.A. Ok there my two cents. Good luck.

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