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MandeeTheGreat 10-14-2012 05:15 AM

My son is 3. I know that at 3 kids have a lot of energy and are still learning how to behave. However my son is on the move almost constantly. It seems extremely difficult for him to stay still or even focus on one thing for a little bit of time. Out in public he gets even crazier from the excitment. It seems like despite cpnsequences and redirection he continues. I think there must be something going on with him. He doesn't act like kids his age. I brought him to a class where they do music/crafts/ activities and he couldn't seem to focus like the other kids. I took him to a storytime at the library and couldn't get him to sit down and listen like the other kids. Multiple times after trying everything I have to carry him out of places kicking and screaming :( There are kids that don't want to play with him or be near him because of his energy and he gets into their personal space. he is extremely happy and outgoing (I love that about him) but its like he is too much for other kids to handle) My husband was just like this as a child and his parents chose to medicate him. He hated it and it made him feel awful. We do not use medications (we don't even use tylenol!) We would rather use natural things. I have been researching and discovered that there might be a connection to these behaviour issues and artifical colors/flavourings and preservatives. Has anyone had a kid who was similar seem to calm down when eliminating these things?? We are vegan, so he eats a lot of healthy fruits/vegetables and he loves tofu. But he is picky and sometimes all he wants is pb & j or VEGAN chikn nuggets (full of preservatives :( ) he only drinks water, no juice (because it was like he had 5 expressos when he drank juice!) Anyway if anyone has any advice or experiences they would be very appreciated (please no "spank the kid" comments, we don't believe in that type of punishment and you aren't going to convince me/ I don't think that would be a fix for this. He is having a hard time, not giving us a hard time...)

Ashleah143 10-14-2012 05:57 AM

My oldest son was this exact same way. He was never still or relaxed even at 6 months. He is now 5 and has always been the same. I have in my mind self diagnosed his as ADHD. He has troubles even going to sleep or staying on task of eating at times. We are now vegan and the kids are mostly vegan with some cheese rarely and depending what he eats i will see a HUGE change in his personality, actions, attention, how he uses his energy, and body language. Now I'm not saying stop eating meat because that is our personal choice, but when we eliminated all the preservatives of canned foods for kids and chicken nuggets and the sugary snacks kids love and those things THAT'S when we saw the change. He now knows what he "can and cannot" eat because he is old enough to notice the "feel different" affect they have on him. He is overall a happier more of a playful energetic more enjoyable kid!

kaia.aline 10-14-2012 06:23 AM

My friend has had great success with the finegold (spelling?) diet her son can not eat certain fruits as well as all of the artificial preservatives, dyes, etc. But his behavior/attitude change has been amazing!

songbird516 10-14-2012 07:24 AM

Re: behaviour
You might research the GAPS diet. I do think that some kids are very sensitive to chemicals in food. I started transitioning to an organic, real food diet when my daughter was starting solids, so I don't have anything to compare, but from families that I've known, diet has definitely affected their children's behavior. Real food for mother and baby is also a great book.

tallanvor 10-14-2012 07:30 AM

Re: behaviour
Behavior can definitely be affected by diet. When I was a child, they completely took me off any form of processed sugar. I know my oldest also has a hard time processing refined sugars. Natural sugars seem to be okay (within reason), but HFCS or other refined sugars are hard for her to handle. She also has a wheat sensitivity that affects her behavior. She was tested for ADHD and tested positive, but a lot of her symptoms seem to disappear when we are strict with her diet. While I know that normal, I wonder if her test was scewed because we hadn't made those changes yet. I also have ADHD, as well as a few other people in the family (on mine and DH's sides), so it's certainly possible she has it.

Anyway, try taking things out and see how he does. The Feingold diet mentioned above, I know has you limit foods with salycilic acid, such as tomatoes. If your son likes chicken nuggets, try making your own. I have heard of several moms on this board and others that do so. And while you are making changes in his diet, don't forget to keep working with his behavior. As he gets older, he'll be better able to use coping methods to control himself, even when he has a food he shouldn't have, but only if you've taught him how.

Holly dolly 10-14-2012 07:32 AM

My good friend has foster kids with FAS and she did a modified feingold diet as well. She homeschools and noticed a HUGE difference in their ability to focus and sit still longer than 5 minutes.

L&A'smommy 10-14-2012 07:53 AM

We've figured out that preservatives and dyes do in fact significantly affect my DDs behavior. She's 5 and even she recognizes the changes when she's accidentally ingested something with red dyes or some unknown thing that sets her off.

We bring our own special juice to school and she knows she can't eat anything red,pink,purple or orange at school (or doughnuts from Dunkin doughnuts). It royally sucks reading labels for hidden dyes but I'd rather do that than watch her literally jump off of the walls running in circles screaming like a crazy child.

MandeeTheGreat 10-14-2012 08:10 AM

Re: behaviour
Awesome suggestions so far, Id like to say again that we are VEGAN so there is already no meat or dairy or eggs. I will look into these diets. I already read labels like a hawk because he is allergic to dairy so I could easily check for colors/preservatives too. I just worry about restricting his diet too much as a vegan, there is already so much he cant eat! My nephew had to go gluten free vegan for awhile and it was so expensive and he ended up with deficiencies.

slimy72 10-14-2012 08:21 AM

Re: behaviour
I was worried about something similar with my DS. Some days he seemed to focus great and other days he was a wild man so I decided to track what he ate. I was concerned that it was gluten (dh, grandma, and three of dh's sisters all have celiacs). So I tracked his food for a week and found out it wasn't gluten at all. His better days were the days he had more protein throughout the day, his bad days were days he had lots of carbs with no protein. So if he had just apples for his snack, the day was a no go, but if he had apple and peanut butter, or apple and cheese stick then he was better for the next few hours. I honestly think for my ds it is a blood sugar thing. I'm hypoglycemic and my dad is diabetic. I'm a grouch if my blood sugar drops, and the best way for me to maintain it is to eat something protein with my carbs. When I started writing down what he ate at daycare the pattern was obvious. His bad days that week were the days he had for afternoon snack ( I kid you not, I can't believe they think these are appropriate snacks for 2-5 year olds): root beer float, banana split cookies (ice cream bananas, and chocolate syrup on top of a cookie), and twinkies. YUCK!! No wonder he had meltdowns those afternoons. I talked with daycare, and I keep a protein snack in my purse for when I pick him up each day. I make sure he has a protein filled breakfast and dinner and his behavior is night and day different. I think the trick is to figure out what it is for your kid. I went into this thinking maybe it was gluten, maybe preservatives and dye, or possibly dairy and came out with a totally different answer than I was expecting. Good luck, for my son diet made all the difference. We still have bad days and he still has normal preschooler ups and downs but it's not quite so pronounced and horrible now.

mrspopo 10-14-2012 03:13 PM

Re: behaviour
My nephew is now 6 but has been on a restricted diet since around 3. He was just out of control. I dont know the details, but i know she eliminated all processed foods and sugars and dyes. She also did what i call the opposite-of-vegan diet. Thats where organic whole unprocessed meat and dairy is the basis of their diet.

I definitely noticed a difference in his behavior and ability to focus. He falls on the autism spectrum. And the even bigger difference if he gets even a tiny bit of chocolate... he comes unglued.

Now at almost 7 he can handle some other foods better. Hopefully he continues to improve as he grows and matures.

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