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DecsMama 10-14-2012 10:03 AM

Looking for a multi-room monitor
We have #2 on the way and DS will only be 2 when the baby is born, so we will still need to monitor both rooms. Are there any good monitors out there that will monitor both rooms simultaneously on one parent unit?

DecsMama 10-14-2012 01:41 PM

Bump... Or should I be posting this on a different forum?

EmilytheStrange 10-14-2012 01:44 PM

Re: Looking for a multi-room monitor
well, there are. Mine will, but I'm trying to get Summer to let me know if I can buy another of the same model (they're no longer in the stores) or if I'm going to have to start over.

I am hoping to continue using the Summer video monitors because I like them, but I hate to give any info while I'm waiting to hear from them on my particular model.

They have tons with 2 cameras and 1 reciever, but I want 2 recievers as well. I'm pretty sure I can buy 2 sets of most of theirs and it will work to view both monitors on the same reciever (I just want to leave one reciever upstairs and one downstairs). My monitor now has the ability, I just don't have the second camera.

Anyways, that's a lot of babble. Summer makes good ones, but I can't recommend a specific one until they email me back :) I'm sure they're all good though.

GEMQEMCABOOSE 10-14-2012 10:18 PM

Re: Looking for a multi-room monitor
We had a discontinued Graco 2 room, 2 parent unit system that we used for years. We loved it. We upgraded to the Motorola Video monitor system after extensive review, and I cannot say enough good about it. We wanted a talk back feature where we could speak to our children, long range, no interference, and excellent video quality. It doesn't disappoint. It switches between cameras every 12 seconds or you can leave it just on one camera.

HugeBabyBoy 10-14-2012 11:11 PM

We use our old iPhones as monitors as well as a night vision video camera on wifi for the baby. We can check on them whenever. When we travel, they're nice & portable, or a laptop with camera works in a pinch.

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