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Only 10-14-2012 10:11 AM

What are your favorite children's lunch boxes that withstand taking a beating?

It needs to be nice quality, cute (it's for a boy) and a thermos would be a bonus. I'm not concerned with price and I don't mind having to order online.

Target had some super cute monster and dinosaur ones but they seem flimsy as if they wouldn't last through the school year. The price was cheap, but I'd rather not have to replace it before the end of the school year.

Dinos or monsters are a bonus!


kanga1622 10-14-2012 10:35 AM

DS has a planet box. We wanted stainless steel and it really seemed like the best option. He's been using it 5 days a week for lunch for over a year and it still looks great. I can see us replacing the insulated holder next fall but I expect the actual lunch box to hold up through elementary.

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dagmomma 10-14-2012 10:53 AM

Re: Lunch Box
We have this

We have a matching thermos that is like a kleen kateen style.

The one my boys have are stegasaurous with matching thermos.

Shaunam 10-14-2012 11:24 AM

Re: Lunch Box
We have planetboxes too. They are really, really good quality. They don't come with a thermos, but I bought 2 different ones...

these and these.

ETA: Planetbox does have a dinosaur magnet set. :)

threestraycats 10-14-2012 11:25 AM

Re: Lunch Box
LL Bean if you are doing softer & insulated.

earthflower 10-14-2012 11:29 AM

Re: Lunch Box
There is a lunch bot coop going on in the coop forum!

lanwenyi 10-14-2012 03:54 PM

Re: Lunch Box
We have Planetboxes and LOVE them. My kids have a Thermos FunTainer for their drinks (fits in the outside pouch). They also have 0.5L Camelbak better bottles (not eddy) that we use when they're taking water instead of milk. I don't know if the eddys would fit. They are wider at the base than the better bottles.

Only 10-14-2012 04:29 PM

I think I may do the Planet Box. I can easily use magnets to "decorate" it. That way each year as his likes change so can the magnets.

He wanted a Batman lunch box but I refuse to buy character junk. :blush: I suppose I could get some batman magnets. A nice meeting in the middle of the road.

blackbirdmama*3 10-14-2012 04:57 PM

Re: Lunch Box
Planetbox! They are wonderful and will last a loooooong time.

danielle 10-14-2012 05:41 PM

Frontier Wholesale sells the Crocodile Creek line, and I'll be running that at the end of the month. I only have the water bottle and I like the quality.

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