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luckycharm8106 10-19-2012 01:17 PM

RAVE on Chelory & AMP diapers!
I got my Chelory and AMP diapers in the mail yesterday and had to try them out immediately after washing them. The Chelory AIO my son wore to bed (he has been leaking through everything, and we were about to go to fitteds and wool (which I don't really have the money to get a stash of), but he didn't leak at ALL last night! He was wearing the Chelory with nothing extra added in there and he slept for 13 hours!! Not wet!! Yay!!

Then this morning I tried out the AMP OS duo pocket. It has nice soft fleece on the inside and I stuffed a Chelory stay dry bamboo/zorb insert into it. 3.5 hours later and he hadn't leaked one bit! I'm not sure if it was the insert or the diaper or both but the insert was soaked and the fleece you could barely even tell it was wet! Going to test them both a few more times and if this is how they always are, then we are definitely getting more of both!! :D

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