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jen_batten 10-24-2012 02:01 PM

Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life.
Author Unknown.

iris0110 10-24-2012 03:56 PM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
Wow new thread and I feel like I have missed so much again. We are taking two weeks off for Halloween so I'm not really sure what to post here. This week so far we went on a walk through the park to check out the fall changes (not that many here in TX but we did collect some leaves) and then had our own mummers parade complete with home made costumes and wands. I had intended to have the kids do some Halloween print outs but we just haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully we will next week. Yesterday and today they spent 2 hours outside and I just didn't want to interrupt them while they played in the mud and built "critter houses" out of grass and leaves. They also helped me clean the house (have to be ready for Celtic New Year). I have to say they are both getting far better at chores these days. Tomorrow my mom has the day off and we are going to Heard wildlife reserve and museum for a hike. Perhaps we can check out some more fall changes out there, of course the boys are really excited about the dinosaur exhibit.

Next week I hope to finally get around to our Halloween print outs, and games. Kearnan finished the rough draft of his report and I would like to proof read it with him and hopefully get the final draft written (I may have him read it to me while I type it). We will bake bread and make pumpkin soup for Halloween and of course watch Halloween Movies. We also have the big Derby Mash Up/Season Opener on Sunday so Tharen is hyped up for that. So nothing that "educational" but lots of fun anyway.

2queens&1princenmyhouse 10-24-2012 07:46 PM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
Life skills day for us!! I woke up this morning and just could no longer function with the house looking like it did. So, the girls stripped their beds, vacuumed their rooms, hung clothes out etc. Then dd1 stayed home while dd2 had a girl scout outing. She fixed dinner for us-ready when we returned.

HeatherlovesCDs 10-25-2012 10:47 AM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
Hi Everyone! I haven't been keeping up. Sorry about that. It's been one thing after another since this baby was born. The biggest of which are all 5 older kids and my husband being sick with the flu and finding out Monday that the baby has a broken clavicle from the birth. :( He didn't show any symptoms of it till then. And, the only symptom he has is a lump where it's healing. It's not really that big of a deal, but I'm still pretty bummed about it. I'm really praying that the baby doesn't get the flu and I'd rather not get it either, but especially him. Other than that things are going fine. This is the second day of no help and things are going fine. :) As for school, we read some books today. :mrgreen: I'm hoping to slowly start getting back to it. My kids are asking to do it and they need the structure. Without the structure, they just get stir crazy and end up driving me nuts too. :laugh: I'm going to try to have them do something during my 2.5 year olds nap time today. We will see how it goes and if the baby cooperates. :pray:

HeatherlovesCDs 10-25-2012 10:48 AM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
Jen - Do you think we should date the threads? Like HS'ing check-in week of 10/22 or whatever.

tallanvor 10-25-2012 11:18 AM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
Heather, I hope everyone is better soon! It's bad enough at our house when one person is sick -- I can't imagine when multiple people are ill.

jen_batten 10-25-2012 01:12 PM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
Shannon--Sounds like you guys have lots of fun stuff coming up! Hope your boys are feeling cooperative today.

Heather--Oh wow. :hugs: That sounds like a super rough week. Hope the rest of your crew is feeling better and that the baby heals quickly. How long is it supposed to take to heal? Did you get the nursing issues worked out? Dating the thread sounds like a good idea....but I'm not too good at keeping up with dates! I may know that we have to do XYZ on Tuesday, but I don't usually remember the date. I don't realize until I go to write a check and then I just guess-timate it. You'll more than welcome to take over that job though, if you like. I already kind of feel like I stole this thread from Angel-nee-nee.

I think we're up to day 21 in MFW. We did long I today, and the kids did much better after our review day yesterday. We didn't put in too much school time this morning though, because we finally got around to raking up the leaf pile they've been begging me for. We are also celebrating Kennah's birthday today--it's actually Sunday, but our Sunday is booked solid this week. We got her a Tag Junior and that thing is awesome!! Hopefully we'll put in a little more HS later today, but we'll see.

foggierbard9 10-25-2012 01:21 PM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
We started our election lapbook and did 3 of the parts to go inside of it and now we are getting ready to sit down and read the first 2 chapters of Magic Treehouse to do those lapbook activities.

I am surprised we are getting anything done, I got no sleep last night because of a nursing 4 month old who decided to not sleep well at all.

2queens&1princenmyhouse 10-25-2012 01:50 PM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
I'm throwing a pity party--anyone want to come. :cry:

We've been having a rough go of it today. DD1 swears I'm ruining her life and if anyone else loved her she'd move in with them. :( It all boils down to the fact that I decided to homeschool them and now none of her friends treat her the same and she has nothing to do and her life is horrible. etc. ect.

If it was just that, then I'd probably blame preteen hormones and move on. But, I have to agree with her. I'm having a very similar experience. All of our "friends" are church/school friends. I'm being left out of things as well. As an adult, I can rationalize it by saying that it's because we don't have the same things to talk about anymore (kids' teachers, homework, clubs, etc.-which is where we would often see each other), but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt my feelings. So, now I feel like I did a really crappy thing by pulling them out of school. In my heart, I really feel lead to homeschooling and have prayed about it extensively, but now everything is all jumbled. :sadno: I wonder if I told myself that's where I was being lead, b/c I wanted to believe it was. Maybe this will pass and tomorrow will be a new day, but for now, Ab is in her room crying and I feel crummy. :(

3boys_mom 10-25-2012 02:32 PM

Re: Homeschooling Check-In Part 3
Heather~Sorry to hear that everyone is sick. I know in our house, once one gets it, it is passed around to everyone and then it just keeps going and going, takes forever for everyone to be well again. Sorry to hear about the baby. What do they have to do to help him? Immobilize it somehow?

Kristin~I kind of feel the same way, but it is within our homeschooling community. We used to do a weekly co op, but decided to stop attending as my older boy was being bullied. Now it seems that the friends we made there have forgotten us, or that we just aren't good enough anymore. And with all the rough days we've been having, I am again questioning if we made the right decision. Then on the flip side I know we do not want to be dealing with our local public schools, and the commotion that would be had at the end of every school day with 'homework'. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

While the ILs are away we are still doing our schoolwork, just taking it 'easy'. The boys have a few things to do on their own (worksheets and stuff) so I can still count the days, but I'm trying to remain as stress free as possible.

I am thinking we might be dropping my oldest's Latin course. We just can't seem to keep up with it. I'm kind of bummed about it. But I'd hate to keep paying for it, if we aren't in a place to get something out of it right now. Decisions, decisions!

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