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Lammy 10-25-2012 06:15 AM

Have you ever changed your stash?
I bought 24 bg 3.0 one size pockets about 3 years ago and they have gone through two children. They were working great up until now. My son keeps having blowouts and it's really starting to bother me and I'm tired of cleaning poo off of everything in my home.He has yet to be able to poo out of a jelly rolled prefold though.So right now I'm building up his prefolds/wool stash for winter and I was just wondering if anyone else had ever bought one type/brand of diaper and then a little while later, realized that they don't work for you anymore and you ended up getting a stash of a different kind?

momto4and1 10-25-2012 06:54 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
Yes, several times! I am positive you will have lots of mama's saying the same. You fall in love with one thing think it will e perfect and after trying it just don't like it for whatever reason. Nothing wrong with the products, just not for you and your baby. KWIM?

amiecheatham 10-25-2012 08:37 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
yes! We had a 100% pocket stash til my daughter was 6 months old and then switched to a 100% fitted stash. She was getting rashes from the synthetic materials, we had issues with leaking and I was getting sick of stuffing pockets all.the.time. We had started using fitteds for overnights and one morning I realized that after 12 hours in her nighttime diaper her skin was clear but an hour in a pocket and she was red and rashy. We switched completely and haven't looked back since! She'll be two tomorrow. =]

Fitter 10-25-2012 08:52 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
yes, lots :giggle2:

DS1 all BG pockets ( 1.0 with slippery nylon outers, lol!)

DD1 started with all BG 2.0's but couldn't ever get a good fit on her chicken legs, so we switched to all of's and covers and stayed that way.

DD2 started off with lots of pf's and covers, a few fitteds and fleece, a few AIO's She needed breathable so we ended up doing fitteds/pf's and mostly wool with a litle fleece. Then she got older and could handle soem time in PUL so I added a stash of aplix pockets for DH.

DS2 started off in 95% fitteds and wool, just a few pf's/covers thrown in. Then he was born I was too sick to knit his small stash so he ended up 50% in wool/fitteds and 50% BGE's. Now I am back to knitting and he is at about 75% wool/fitteds and 25% time in BGE's.

Lammy 10-25-2012 08:56 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
I'm glad I'm not the only one! I feel bad because we started cding partly to save money and I feel bad about spending money on yarn/woolies and prefolds right now but I figure we still have saved some money versus buying disposables. I was just confused because the bg's worked for three years and two children and now that my son is 21 months old- I hate them on him. And to be honest I'm a little tired of stuffing pockets every day not too mention his eczema seems to do better in wool as well.

nonipie 10-25-2012 09:08 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
Yes of course. I think most mamas in the CD "community" have varied stashes. I think the all one type/brand of diaper is more common with the IRL cd famalies I know that are not involved in any online forumns etc. With my first child we had all BG 3.0 and eventually I got about 6 prefolds and 2 covers to get me through wash day. Then when pregnant with my 2nd I found this place and well my stash grew a lot.

I find that having at least a day's worth of the options that work best for us is what works. So we still have those initial BG that work great but I also have about 2 dozen each of flats, prefolds and cotton fitteds that we use under wool or Nikky covers.

zoekate12 10-25-2012 09:13 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
I did an insane amount of blog stalking and research before building my stash and I was extremely happy with what I had chosen for her, a variety of brands and styles. Even so, after DD arrived, actually using the diapers on her was a different story! I found that the ones I was so excited about didn't work for her at all!! I thought I would be totally on board with pockets and aios but I find I'm more of a fitteds gal! :) In the process of switching my stash over now

madebymommy 10-25-2012 09:15 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
Yep, I'm about to get rid of all my Sunbaby pockets for fitteds, DD is a heavy wetter and needs more absorbancy.

FriedaT 10-25-2012 09:24 AM

Yep, lots of times.

We started with a trial and kept a large mix of different kinds of diapers.

Then I decided I hated stuffing and got rid of all of my pockets.

I sort of liked AI2's so I got a bunch of those and then later destashed them.

Then I thought I was in love with Green Line and bought a bunch of those and was planning on making them my whole stash. As DD got bigger, the Touchtape wasn't covered anymore and she started to get deep gouge marks. She moved too much for the soaker to stay in place if I tried to cover it with the soaker so I gave up. Still have them, just don't use them.

Then I was in love with RagaBabe's but had a hard time getting them. Once I had a good bit, DD started leaking out of them because they weren't absorbent enough but stuffing more absorbency created gaps. Then I decided I wanted the RagaBabe 1-steps and was working on acquiring those.

While doing that, I fell in love with BGE's. I had a few so I bought a bunch more, but it was when they released the new colors and prints so it took months to get them.

About the same time I got everything in was when we figured out PUL and synthetics were part of our rash problems so I started using mostly prefolds and flats and just used the RB and BGE out of the house.

Then there was the Flats and Hand Wash Challenge and I felt like I could stop using our AIO's.

Shortly after that we phased out the 2-step covers and started using wool full time. Yay! No more rashes!

Then we bought a dozen GMD Workhorse fitteds, more Thirsties hemp inserts, and more prefolds and flats. I've kept knitting DD's wool and now this is all we use. I'm still wanting a little more of what we have, but I'm pretty content to not buy a different kind of diaper now.

boysniris 10-25-2012 09:45 AM

Re: Have you ever changed your stash?
I had to change when my son was around 3-4 months old; he was getting rashes from PUL AND he needed stay-dry inners, so we changed to breathable fleece Preston's Pants and GADs pockets w/stay-dry, and pocket fitteds w/stay-dry inners + fleece covers.

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