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indigo152 11-02-2012 12:24 PM

November - Share your goals and progress
Hello, November! You snuck up on me!

This thread will be a place for us to all share our daily to-do lists and goals as well as our monthly hopes and dreams.

Somedays you may feel so ambitious, and will fly through your checklist, while other days it may be a feat to crawl out of bed. This thread is not intended to be used as a comparison measure to see which person accomplishes the most each day, but rather a friendly place to encourage each other, and give one another other the pats on the backs we all so desperately need.

indigo152 11-02-2012 12:31 PM

I am a bit uninspired to clean or do much today, so I knew that I could use a list to try to keep me on task. My little ones are refusing to take their afternoon naps now, tho!

Friday's to-do list:

* make the bed -
* Clean kitchen, run dishwasher - DONE
* Unload dishwasher
* Laundry - whites (fold and put away)
* Laundry - darks (put away)
* Laundry - diapers (wash and hang)
* evening: wipe down kitchen sink & counters, tidy up living room

* read devotional and pray - DONE
* read and snuggle with the kids - DONE lots of
* wrap birthday presents for parties this weekend

List for the week:
* upload photos to Snapfish
* sort through a box or two in basement

adjroberts 11-02-2012 01:13 PM

For Friday 10-02-12

Dust living room
Sweep kitchen floor- done
Vaccuum living room
Put goodwill donations in the car
Sew something (anything lol)- done
Put away diapers- done
Tidy nursury- done
Tidy bedroom
Clean downstairs bathroom

momomom 11-02-2012 02:10 PM

Re: November - Share your goals and progress
I'm only going to list my major projects for the month, not a daily to-do list. I need to start liking my new home and finishing unpacking and decluttering would probably help, no? Overall, I do pretty good, but I need the 'next level' of minimalism at this point in my life in order to make life flow smoothly.

Declutter living room bookcases- DONE

Unpack boxes in dining room 4/ 20done

Declutter and organize my own closet 3 hours spent

May seem small, but these 3 projects will likely take all month- LOL- to be realistic.

deezee02 11-02-2012 02:54 PM

November goals!!!

Clean and organize baby's closet - done
Clean and organize baby's dresser -done
Clean out toys from baby's room
Organize and clean out big kids closet - almost done, just need some bins
Clean out 1/2 of garage - about 1/2 done
Wash carpets
Clean out basement tub
Major clean-up of playroom
Clean under kitchen and bathroom sinks
Clean out linen closet
Clean out coat closet
Go through 5 boxes in basement
Organize laundry room
Organize kitchen supply shelves in laundry room
List wool and diapers

Weekly goals (things done on e a week)
Clean all three bathrooms
Deep vacuum
Clean windows and glass
Clean bathrooms
Clean kitchen
clothes to laundry room and sorted

Daily goals (things that will be done each day)
Empty dishwasher
Laundry in washer
Switch laundry
Morning eBay
Kids breakfast
Clean up breakfast
Make beds
Make sure kids clean bedroom
eBay (30mins)

Kids lunch
Clean up kitchen after lunch
Work on daily task (something from my monthly list, once a week I do my weekly list during this time)
Fold clothes
Clothes away
eBay (30 mins)

Clean up all toys in main room
Load and run dishwasher
Spot mop kitchen
Wipe down table
Wipe down island
Paperwork away
eBay (30 mins)

Last month was terrible. I swear it took me 3 weeks to recover from the stomach bug. I got us back in track though (finally!!!) day to day wise, but I need to catch up on tasks!!!!

I have a lot of monthly goals listed. I know some might get pushed into december, but I wanted them all recorded here so I don't forget all I would LOVE to get done this month.

elizabeth.scalf 11-02-2012 06:19 PM

Re: November - Share your goals and progress
Big goal for November - work on laundry room.

- Remove old MIL's clothing (Goodwill)
- Organize cat stuff - litterbox, food, litter, food bowls
- Install hooks for stepladder
- Install hooks for ironing board
- Install Rubbermaid shelving
- Organize emergency supplies on shelving.
- Organize cleaning supplies on shelving.

peaches330 11-02-2012 08:37 PM

Re: November - Share your goals and progress
I'm going to start by listing my big goals for the month and then try to come back each day to post a few things I need to accomplish in addition to my regular chore chart and to get some motivation. Something about seeing other people's to do lists just gives me a little bit of motivation when I'm feeling otherwise exhausted from pregnancy and day to day life with 3 little ones. DH also came to me the other night and let me know that he was burnt out on what he does for a living and on living around here. I am over living here too so this got me pretty excited. We still need to talk a lot, and it's definitely not something that will happen anytime soon, but it's given me a major boost. If we're going to do a big move in the next year or so I want to make sure I have everything the way that I want it when the time comes so that it goes smoothly and we can start a fresh new life without clutter :)

Major goals for November:
-Minimize and organize bathroom stuff
-Get the toy storage figured out and start the pre-Christmas toy purge. DONE. Well still need to continue the purge, but I've purged a ton and put most of the stuff upstairs organized on shelves in the kids closets.
-Get the whole clothing mess dealt with. I got in way over my head trying to do way too much at once. This month is mainly going to be focused on listing, donating or storing all of the clothing we don't need to have in use right now. I have several bins of stuff to deal with so this is a huge project.
-I'd like to be done with my NB & 0-3 month clothing plus blankets, socks, hats... things of that nature. I know this isn't really minimizing, but I've been stressed about it and I figure if I can get this out of the way then I can really focus on everything else. - Mostly done. Decided I'm crocheting my own hats so I still need to do that, but we're good on clothes, socks, blankets, stuff like that.
-Replace my dishes and get the old ones out of here. Again, not really minimizing, but I've broken most of mine and have been using wayyyyy too much paper stuff lately because of it. I want to get a nice set that's the right amount for us to hopefully last us a while.
-Clean out the coffee table drawer..... again :blush: DONE
-Clean out the cabinet where I've been storing all of DD's stuff she brings home from school every day. Need to figure out how much/what I'm saving and store it and get rid of everything else because it's taking over the whole house. DONE

To do list for tomorrow 11/3 in addition to my chore chart:
-Clean out coffee table (Done)
-Start on DD's school stuff cabinet (Started on this, will probably finish Monday)
-Fold the two loads of laundry I need to catch up on (Done, have another load or two coming out this evening that will get folded when the kids go to bed though)

AfWife8405 11-02-2012 08:48 PM

Re: November - Share your goals and progress
November is going to be a busy month. My parents will be visiting from the 8th to the 16th, so I want to get the house in order as much as possible before they arrive. I am going to pull out our Christmas decor on the 17th, sort through it and put up the Christmas tree. Lastly for November, I want to do a thorough purge of toys in anticipation of the influx Christmas will bring. I want to relax and enjoy December.

What I need to accomplish before they arrive.....

Return library books
Master Bed & Bath:
- Vacuum, dust & wash windows
- Straighten closets & purge clothes if possible
- Straighten dresser & purge clothes if possible

- Scrub tub, tile, sink & toilet
- Wipe down mirrors & walls

- Tidy vanity drawers
- Wash bedding
Help DH with the kitchen
Brooke's Room

- Vacuum, dust & wash windows
- Straighten closet & purge clothes if possible
- Organize and purge any broken toys
- Wash bedding

Touch up previous rooms

Living Room:
- Vacuum, dust & wash windows
- Wipe down couch & walls
- Touch up paint
Boys' Room
- Vacuum, dust & wash windows
- Straighten closet & purge clothes if possible
- Straighten dresser & purge clothes if possible
- Organize and purge any broken toys

- Wash bedding

Touch up previous rooms
Laundry Room
- Vacuum, dust & wipe down walls
- Tidy Shelf

Linen Closet
- Straighten Items & Purge
Storage Closet
- Straighten & Purge

Touch up previous rooms
Main Bath
- Sweep & wash floors
- Wipe down mirrors & walls
- Scrub Toilet, Sink, Bath & Tile
- Straighten & Purge Vanity

Touch up previous rooms
Office/Spare Room:
- Make room in closet for guests
- Wash bedding for air mattress
- Set up air mattress
- Vacuum, dust & wash windows
- Tidy shelves & desks

General clean up of the house
Drop off box for donation
Pick up my parents in the afternoon

indigo152 11-03-2012 08:56 AM

My DH took my daughter to a birthday party today, and I stayed home with a napping DS :) Typically, I always go to birthday parties, so it's nice to have a break this morning, esp since this party is at a place called The Jump Zone (lots of kids jumping on inflatables).

Saturday's to-do list:

* make the bed - DONE
* empty dishwasher
* Laundry - whites (fold and put away)
* Laundry - darks (put away)
* Laundry - diapers (dry and put away)
* evening: wipe down kitchen sink & counters, tidy up living room
* clean potty chairs, and pack away in basement - DONE

* read devotional and pray
* read chapter for Bible study tomorrow
* help DH with leaves
* wrap birthday presents for party tomorrow -
* dye my hair - DONE
* look at living room bookshelf ideas with DH

List for the week:
* upload photos to Snapfish
* sort through a box or two in basement

adjroberts 11-03-2012 12:49 PM

List for saturday:

Vaccuum living room- done
Straighten bedroom- done
Take stuff to goodwill- done
Clean downstairs bathroom
Go to bank- done
Find the two kids movies I lost
Dust living room

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