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nlove54 11-04-2012 11:21 AM

Gdiaper g pants and liners
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12 Tiny gpants, 6 small g pants, 2 medium g pants, 1/2 a bag of small g refills, 18 small cloth liners (18 liners), and 6 medium cloth liners for sale. $130 for the lot. 2 small cloth liners are stained see pic, and 1 velcro on a tiny g pant was reattached. Medium g pants used only once. Also for sale planetwise pail liner for $7 and softbums omni shell and liners for $25. If you are interested in any one piece individually please pm. $5 shipping on all. Thanks.

happybabybumz 11-06-2012 01:22 PM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
This is a really good deal! Is that $130 ppd for the lot of gdiapers?

happywife&mama 11-06-2012 10:34 PM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
I can't pm but am interested in the medium gpants and cloth liners. How much would it be for those?

nlove54 11-07-2012 05:50 AM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
yes $130 for the whole lot...$30 for the med gpants and med g cloth liners

xoxoproverbs31 11-07-2012 05:35 PM

Hey! What would you do for the small gpants with or without the liners? Thanks!

nlove54 11-07-2012 06:24 PM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
6 small g pants for $32...1/2 a bag of g refills(the disposibles) for $7...18 small cloth inserts for $45

megcrystal1 11-09-2012 08:31 AM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
can't pm but will take medium gpants and all (small and med) gcloth inserts if still available.

nlove54 11-09-2012 05:10 PM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
hi megcrystal1....yes they are still available...I'm asking $15 for the med gpants, $60 for all gcloth inserts (18small and 6 medium), and $5 for shipping. So $80 total. Do you use paypal?

megcrystal1 11-12-2012 05:51 AM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
Yes, I use paypal.

nlove54 11-12-2012 02:36 PM

Re: Gdiaper g pants and liners
Megcrystal1, If you are still e-mail through paypal is You can e-mail me the location and name you'd like the diapers shipped to. Once the paypal transaction goes through I will send them out.

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