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corinne76 11-06-2012 11:17 AM

cup troubleshooting
I need help. I had a size 1 cup and leaked. I bought a size 2 cup and I'm having trouble inserting it. It pops open too soon and then i try to push it up and it hurts. Then when it's in, it feels like it slipping. Some times i get a little cramping, but that happened with the smaller cup as well. What am i doing wrong?

GEM Cloth 11-06-2012 11:21 AM

Re: cup troubleshooting
Hold it a little more firmly to get it in further before you let it go and it pops open. Once it does pop open, turn it once to make sure you have a seal. How long have you been using a cup? If it is new to you, keep trying. It takes practice but once you get it, it's wonderful and fabulous. What cup are you using?

corinne76 11-06-2012 11:59 AM

It's a lunette. I have been using one for maybe 5 cycles, but i don't use it often usually only when i run or go beach so maybe once or twice a cycle. I mostly stick to my cloth :)
I'll try practicing more. Thanks Michelle

GEM Cloth 11-06-2012 04:06 PM

Re: cup troubleshooting
Oooh a Lunette, I JUST got one, been wanting one for a good while! The problem may actually just be that you need more practice with it, since you don't use it very often. Mine goes in real easy but I use a cup my entire cycle and have been using a cup for a couple of years. I had problems when I first started using a cup too.

corinne76 11-06-2012 06:17 PM

Re: cup troubleshooting
Thank you. I tried putting it in again and I got it further up and it was more comfortable. The tabby thing wasn't sticking as far done as before, but I could still pull it out. It was a *bleep* to pull out though. Is that normal?

GEM Cloth 11-06-2012 10:58 PM

Re: cup troubleshooting
You can cut that stem off, in fact I highly recommend it. The Lunette is easy to grab and pull out because it has those grooves in it. Pull down gently and then tilt it some to gently break the suction.

corinne76 11-07-2012 01:55 PM

So how do you pull it out if you cut the stem off? As it is there doesnt seem to be much for me to grab onto. Do you have to stick your fingers in there more to really grab the cup?

Side note: these are words i never thought I'd ask anyone lol.

Eta: I'm getting ready to go running and i got it in better today. Ill try tilting when i take it out to get it out easier

GEM Cloth 11-07-2012 05:15 PM

Re: cup troubleshooting
You grab those grooves on the bottom. Yep you'll have to reach in there to get it but it's just so much more comfy without that stem and easier to get in and out too. If it's not bothering you leave it on but I found it to be so much better without the stem.

corinne76 11-07-2012 05:19 PM

I'll try grabbing the bottom with the stem still attached to make sure i can. I do find the stem pokes me a little and that does bother me. I had a little easier time pulling it out today. This one is a little harder to work with than the size 1 but i think that one was a lik small. I would still leak a little. At least with this one there's no leaking

EssentialGoodz 11-08-2012 08:33 AM

Re: cup troubleshooting
You can cut the stem down a little. It can be uncomfortable if the stem is too long, but I would never cut the stem off because it helps me find the bottom of the cup each time.

As far as putting it in- i do the method where you hold the cup sideways and push down on the top of it ( around the rim of the cup) and then try to squish it at small as I can like a little taco. Lol Hope that makes sense. While putting the cup in... Hold it tight together and go straight back and then up. ( makes sure you do this while still holding it tight like a taco) orherwise the cup may pop open prematuraly when its not all the way in. I do twist it a little as best I can until it feels the most comfortable and in there. I do get leaks sometimes, but ever since having 2 children I would get leaks with tampons too. I wear cloth pantyliners with my Ladycup.

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