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xmommy 11-10-2012 06:51 AM

*nip toys added* november/december trade thread

NIP Vmotion Spiderman and friends $15
NIP Vmotion Cars Rev it up Radiator Springs $15

NIP Lego Bionicles Dropship $40

NIP Imaginex Green Lantern $10

NIP Word World Zebra $15
NIP Word World Cow $10

NIP Zippity Cars

Disney channel scene it

NIP Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Revisited

Books 2-6 (pretty sure I have 1 also) of Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward

Harry Potter 3 and 4
NIP Always Sunny Season 1
NIP Entourage Season 1

Greys Anatomy Seasons 1-3 NIP and used (have 1 set NIP and 1 used willing to trade one set but not both)

Weeds Season 2-5

Alf Seasons 1-3

infant spiderman costume

stamps and undies pattern

Jimmy Neutron party supplies


Spiderman valence

Box tops for education
Mens HBA (shower gel, deoderant, body spray, razors)
NIP Princess and the frog wall decals
NIP Tyler pencils
Neutron party supplies-invites,3-d glasses, goody bags
Baby announcements
Healthy woman soy supplements
Pampered chef flower bread tube
NIP Elmo and big bird pacifiers
NIP Disposable adhesive placemat

Kids books

Adult books


Darkwing duck
Comic book capers
Justice ducks unite
Darkly dawns the duck
Pokemon the first movie (in sailor moon case)

Adult DVD
Weeds seasons 2-5
Greys Anatomy 1-3 (have all 3 both used and new, willing to trade one or other but not both)
X (anime)
NIP Entourage Season 1

Empty 3,6, and 8 disc cases

Disney Channel Scene It deluxe (opened)

Big duplo blocks

Maternity 14/16
Scrubs L and XL
Dress capris 14 and 16, some NWT
M abercrombie & fitch grey tee
NWT 2x and 3x shorts
NWT Womens 8 1/2 shoes
Sz 9 pink enwrapture sandals (tried on 1x)
NWT red playtex 42ddd bra

NWT 10R Levis

5 or 6 boys footie pjs
Superhero or Star Wars shirts and Pjs (sz 4-7)
4t undies
Sneakers sz 10-12

Anything superhero (especially batman or Star Wars)
Leapster 2
Leapster games
Leapster chargers (L-max or original)
Vsmile games
Wii games
Game boy advance games
leappad plus writing pencil replacement
Video Now player

Mentalist season 2+
Monk seasons 6,7
United States of Tara season 2+
In treatment season 2+
Bones 5+
Smallville 7+
White collar 1 and 2
Criminal Minds

80s/90s cartoons like Ducktales

Empty 9-disc case

Sewing stuff:
Quilt binding
Fabric with flames or superheroes
Nightmare before christmas fabric
1/4 in foot for kenmore sewing machine
Holiday cotton woven and matching flannel

Pampered Chef stuff
Batman or star wars lego toddler bed set
Enclosed ice cube tray
Adult and kid waterbottle with sports top or straw (would love one that was insulated too)
Old disney plastic glasses from BK (or similiar)
glasses with alcohol recipes on them
Comedy cds
Megamind soundtrack
Anything Nightmare before christmas
Star Wars or superhero wall decals

abunchoflemons 11-10-2012 07:02 AM

Re: november/december trade thread
Too bad I don't see anything ur looking for. I would take box tops. Darn.

xmommy 11-13-2012 05:06 AM

Re: *nip toys added* november/december trade thread
Bump for added nip toys

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