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RoccerMom 11-12-2012 07:38 PM

Lots of awesome stuff in here! Mosty Euc, some NWT, some NWOT, a few loved. I hate doing pb albums but I will work on posting the pics to the the tread later. Most are ppd prices just to make things easier but I will gladly reduce for multiple purchases. Lmk if you have any questions. :goodvibes:

12 Month

TCP Argyle Sweater- 12 M Size- EUC- $ 5ppd
Only worn a couple times- once for Easter, once for fmily pics. Some yellowish soomething on the cuff and a little wash wear

Upcyclled Tee from Etsy $3ppd-12 M size
Super cute but is pretty stained on the front--looks like bananas :giggle:

12-18 M

18 M kenneth cole hoodie-$2+ship
Very cute hoodie from Kenneth Cole. The reason I am asking so little is that the zipper is broken. Wash wear, no stains

Upcycled Tee- 18 m- EUC-$10ppd- \i had this custom made :)
Upcycled by Katiesdudz on etsy. Only issue is that white is not as bright white as originally

EUC Polo shirt- size 18 M- $5ppd

Size 18 M Carters Polo- GUC-$4ppd
Cute white polo. Has one light yellowish stain as shown in other pic. Not super noticable and would probably bleach out

18-24 M

Osh Kosh hoodie EUC 24 M-$6+ship
I think this was only worn twice. Cute and cozy

24 M jumping beans hoodie- $3ppd
no stains, wash wear

18/24 M NWT Naartije overalls-$15ppd
I cant believe we never wore these! I totally forgot we had them till I was cleaning out drawers. Brand new with tags

Gymboree 18-24 M Polo-NWOT-$7ppd
Brand new, got as a gift but didnt match our wool so never worn

Carters romper-24 month NWT-$9 ppd
NWT, got as a gift but we wear woolies 24/7 so never worn by us.

Plain brown tee-24 M-$3ppd
Bought this to applique on and never got around to it

24 M Gerber Footie pjs-$3ppd
Pretty pilly, no stains GUc

24 M- EUC-$6ppd
No stains very cute! we only wore it twice I think because I didnt want him to stain it :blush:

size 24 M- gerber footies-$3ppd

Size 24 M VGUC- $5ppd

size 24 Month-VGUC-$3ppd

EUC Carters Hoodie-size 24 M-$6ppd

Boys 12-18 M

Boys 24 M/2T

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RoccerMom 11-23-2012 06:23 PM

Re: UPDATED! Cute Boy stuff 18 M, 24 M--TCP, gymbo, carters, etsy, lots! some nwt!
Happy Black Friday! Some great gifts in here! Updated everything on thread!

RoccerMom 11-25-2012 12:01 PM


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