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AthenaHandKnits 11-14-2012 10:41 AM

Starting new thread!
Started new thread!

Like new XL Loveybums pull on covers - $31ppd NOW $27.50ppd ea!!! or 2 for $50!!!!
Bought new approx 3 weeks ago worn a handful of times. Freshly washed and lano'ed. Purple has a tiny snag on the waistband. Love these and wish we had started with them from the beginning!


At rest:
Waist 17"
Hips 20"
Rise 20"
Thigh 10"

Super stretchy!

Sold on FB
Large EUC Bumby interlock soaker - $33ppd NOW $27.50ppd!!!
Bought/traded used. Like new condition really (no stains, felting, etc.)

At rest:
Waist 18.5"
Hips 20"
Rise 19"
Thigh 12"

Blue body, purple trim:

Buy 1 item/set and I'll throw in 1 of the following
Buy 2 items/set and I'll throw in 2
Buy 3 items/set and I'll throw in 3:

Sheepish grins solid lanolin 2/3 full
Alioop spray lanolin, 2/3 full (Oatmeal, milk, honey)
Bee naturals wool wash samples x 5 scents

Squint Print: I have looked over all items to the best of my abilities and have noted anything I can. But I am human. Any questions: please ask! Once PP addy is requested and sent, payment is kindly expected within 4 hours. I can usually get to the PO within 24 hours. Prices include shipping and DC, but not insurance. Add $2.00 if you would like me to insure it. U.S. shipping only at this time and parcel post will be used as much as possible. Thanks for looking!

Like new Large handknit linen-stitch longies - $75ppd $65 through Wednesday!!!
Mosaic Moon Anu Earth Mother on Mountain Mountain worsted
Worn twice maybe. DD is PL'ing so I am selling all the diapering wool so I can knit sweaters!!! I have not washed or blocked these yet but will do so before shipping. All measurements (except waist) can be blocked a bit larger due to the stretchiness of this stitch and I can do that to your specs if you would like or leave that to you. Also, the cuff is a half linen stitch so that the cuff can be folded up and still look decent. If folded, the inseam would be 11".

Measurements at rest:
Waist - 18" (elastic!)
Hips - 21"
Rise - 18"
Inseam - 12"

2T/3T Cali Cargo Dress, 6 skeins coordinating yarn - $70ppd
Selling as set only! If you need a knitter for the yarn, I would be happy to do the knitting for a small-ish fee but with the holidays coming up, time might be an issue. Longies? Shrug?

Like new/EUC 2T Cali Cargo Dress
Purewool 2-ply merino - Storm body, Santino trim
Butterfly button
Worn a handful of times.

6 Skeins matching Purewool 3-ply merino (intended for longies and a shrug).
3.75 skeins Santino
1.75 skeins Storm
.5 skein lilac trim

Color more accurate on yarn pic!

AthenaHandKnits 11-14-2012 05:59 PM

Wednesday p.m.

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Thursday a.m.

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Thursday p.m.

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Friday bump

AthenaHandKnits 11-16-2012 02:50 PM

Friday p.m.

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Saturday p.m.

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Sunday bump

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Sunday p.m.

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