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MyLittleOne 11-14-2012 09:39 PM

**Various Pockets - Brand Names & CHEAP!! **
***************** Make Offers if Interested ********

These pockets are in varying conditions as listed... my camera is down so I apologize I am not able to get pictures - I have tried to give every detail in light of that and my prices reflect it - please read all details and serious inquiries only Maybe you are a mama in need and need a bunch right away, or are just in need, buy the lot for $27ppd, i'll even try & throw in extras :hugs: If buying just one or two of the cheapest ones... I may have to add on a little extra to cover the shipping charges

Medium size med. pink newer style snap fuzzibunz used just a couple times $5ppd

Large Hot Pink Happy Heiny velcro with snaps added as well $4ppd

Medium Hot Pink older style snap Fuzzibunz shot leg elastics - repair or it makes a fine cover for a fitted, that is how we used it $3ppd

WAHM Bubble Gum Pink snap "Happy Heiny" style - awesome diaper! Love this dipe and the pul is far superior to any brand name ive seen! $5ppd

WAHM LAvender Med/Large snap "Fuzzibunz style" - some relaxed elastic on one side, shot on the other, repair or use as a fitted cover $2ppd

WAHM tan outer, junngle suede inner, FOE snap med/large- liked this dipe and its fit, pul starting to show wear but worked fine $2.50ppd

Large older style white Fuzzibunz - older so shows some grey to it, awesome dipe, pul great, elastics too $4ppd

Large but really fits more like a medium mint green side snap SwaddleBees - elastic is all right but looks like it was repaired a hair uneven, worked great though $ 4ppd

Blue BumGenius ( I think 3.0) velcro some wear, completely shot elastic - if you can repair it, it looks otherwise to be in awesome, hardly used shape, really nice suede and condition $2.50ppd

Pink Bumgenius ( I think 3.0) velcro panel well loved, tabs used but still have good grip between the two, leg elastic good, back elastic sewn too tight on a repair so there is no give to it, functions but might want to repair $2.50ppd

2 Medium WAHM velcro boy print pockets 1-various black, blues and cream (think gutsy scroll print?) 1-blues/greens print - Really hard to describe,but cool fun dipes, especially those lil baby boy bums toddling around in them in warm weather with a black tee ;) ) elastics & suede good $4ppd each

MyLittleOne 11-21-2012 10:37 PM

Re: ** Various Pockets - Brand Names & CHEAP!! **
Bump, Bump...

MyLittleOne 11-26-2012 11:18 AM

Re: ** Various Pockets - Brand Names & CHEAP!! **

MyLittleOne 12-11-2012 11:11 PM

Re: ** REDUCED Various Pockets - Brand Names & CHEAP!! **
Bump - Trying to make room for Baby #3!!!

Isabellesmama 12-12-2012 11:29 PM

Do you have a pic of the swaddlebees? Does it come with an insert? :)

MyLittleOne 12-13-2012 09:12 AM

Re: ** REDUCED Various Pockets - Brand Names & CHEAP!! **
My camera isnt working right now Mama... that is why I have them cheap, b/c I know it is more difficult that way... Sorry for that... as for inserts, it isnt included but I do have a lot of microfiber inserts up for sale on another thread - I had them at $20ppd but take them for $15ppd - there are a lot of them, some brand new!! DO a search for my threads and you will find it ;)

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