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vintagegyrl 11-15-2012 09:55 PM

DO Nursing Tanks Affect Supply?
Just wondering if these can affect supply more than a good-fitting nursing bra that has cups.

I am having similar trouble as another mama on here. for me many times it has seemed that the trouble is when I am wearing a nursing tank. I usually wear one every day it just seems by the end of the day my milk supply is so low.

I don;t know if it is when I am tired (I was up several times during the night last night with baby - then no rest today really. i tend to just plow ahead full steam until evening.

Or if it is just him what he will do has been going on for a few months at least:
he cries and pulls off because he doesn't want to wait for let down and even if he gets that far he wants to nurse for much longer than the milk lasts. He ends up screaming in frustration

He will take a paci after the feeding which helps a lot and gets him to burp.

Last night he was extremely upset around 1:25am and he had just been up @ 11:00 before that to eat. I could not get him to go back to sleep so ended up sleeing in the rocking chair holding him for an hour while we both slept.

Is this just his growth spurt? With my other kiddos i always had plenty of milk so they could just keep eating all evening long. it took some work on their part but each time i woudl feed i was able to get a small let-down, even it it were 20 mins. later. :)

with this baby i really have to work at it! And he doesnt seem willing to keep trying. So sometimes there is just no let down and i have to put the paci in and try to get him to go back to sleep for a bit so my body can catch up. Sometimes I get the feeding to work. Sometimes it is me, and when i relax and put it away, then the milk finally flows and he can get some.

I don know what to do. this is my 4th baby to nurse. with my others i was able to nurse until at least 12mos. This one is so confusing!!

VeganCupcake 11-15-2012 10:06 PM

Re: DO Nursing Tanks Affect Supply?
How old is your baby?

Most women's supply is lowest in the evening, so that's normal. My kids would cluster nurse like crazy in the evening when they were very little and I'd think there was no way they were getting anything since they'd been nursing for hours already, and then once in a while one of them would spit up enormous amounts and it was clear that there was plenty of milk. You don't have to have full-feeling breasts to have milk--they are the factories, not just storage spaces, so they are making milk at the very moment that it's being removed from the breast.

A lot of times babies just want to suckle and are actually frustrated that milk keeps coming out, so they pull off and fuss at the breast. My DD never took a pacifier, so she was much worse about that. Even my DS, who loves a pacifier, sometimes wants the breast, not the pacifier, and not the milk.

Is your nursing tank really tight? It would be more likely, IMO, that you'd be getting plugged ducts from a too-tight bra/tank than that it would be reducing your supply, absent other factors that would reduce supply (hormonal issues, not nursing baby enough).

vintagegyrl 11-16-2012 06:17 AM

Re: DO Nursing Tanks Affect Supply?
He wil be 7 mos. on Monday.

hmm. just the band is rather right but the top part there is plenty of room. I am very small chested. I guess i can experiment and see. So maybe he is just tired at night. teething probably. Won't nurse, won't be rocked, wont lay down. the bouncy seat still works as long as he doesn't get woken up. - meaning he will fall asleep in that, and then in the middle of the night if he wakes on his own that is much better.

It must be teeth. he fussed this morning AFTER eating, so tired, but not wanting to lay with me, etc.

just when it happens at night i am convinced I need to go get some formula. But we have tried some frozen EBM and he just chews on the bottle. :banghead:

mpink22 11-16-2012 10:28 AM

I wear nursing tanks pretty much every day and have not noticed any difference in supply from when I wear a nursing bra

trying4more 11-16-2012 11:12 AM

Re: DO Nursing Tanks Affect Supply?
I haven't worn a bra for about 9 years! I live in my nursing tanks! No supply issues at all, except over supply! In the evening, I can tell it's lower, but not like the kid isn't getting milk though!

Esmerelda_RB 11-16-2012 02:20 PM

Re: DO Nursing Tanks Affect Supply?
We went through a similar phase at 5-6 months. She would get so fussy and frustrated in the evening. What helped was putting her to bed earlier (I think part of it was being overtired), and cluster nursing before bed. Like after dinner I'd nurse her every 20 min. That might help get your evening supply up. Oh, and nursing her sitting up, instead of laying down with her (we cosleep) helped. Not sure if it was the position? But that seemed to help my baby.

Good luck!

(I wear nursing tanks too. Haven't noticed a difference with supply)

vintagegyrl 11-16-2012 09:38 PM

Re: DO Nursing Tanks Affect Supply?
That helps ladies! It must just be me, i just notice on certain days I guess!
I did find this, which is pretty obvious but if the band is tight on the tank, this would also apply. The tank is pretty tight but not in the cups because i am small chested to begin with..

Bras should securely support but not bind under the breast. Constricting the breast could affect milk flow.
Breasts continually change in both shape and size throughout pregnancy. Choose a bra with a roomy cup design so that the breasts can expand once your milk comes in.

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