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DKBee 11-16-2012 12:50 AM

Toodeloo Naturals ~Liquid and Solid Lanolin Available In Lovely Scents (or Unscented)
Check out my hyenacart store, Toodeloo Naturals.

I sell solid and liquid lanolin in great scents like Lola (lovespell lavender) and Cu.Tea (cucumber eucalyptus teatree)

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Should You Lanolize?

Yes, you should lanolize your wool diaper covers, soakers, shorties and longies more waterproof so that your baby can be more comfortable. Lanolin is great for wool covers that are designed for use with cloth diapers.

Lanolized Wool Diaper Covers Make Nighttime Diapering Easy

If you have been cloth diapering but have had problems with cloth diapering at night time, you should definitely give well-lanolized wool diaper covers a try. You'll be amazed at the leak-free results!

How To Lanolize Your Woolies:

(1) Put a pot of water on the stove

(2) Fill the bathtub (or a small basin or pail) with warm water

(2) Empty the Liquid Lanolin sample into a small bowl (If you are using solid lanolin, you need to melt it first! You can use a mug in the microwave, or you can simply place it into the water to melt and stir it around a bit)

(3) Pour in one to three cups of boiling water

(4) Combine with baby wash or wool wash until mixture is cloudy white

(5) Pour the mixture into the bathtub or container of warm water and mix well

(6) Add your woolies and soak as long as you like

(a minimum of 5 hours is suggested, but 24 hours is a great goal to shoot for if you require super water-proofing!)

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