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dnh 11-16-2012 01:37 AM

away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?
i will be away from my ds for about 22 hours and do not have enough stored milk to last him. he has never tried formula and i really dont even know how to go about introducing it.. although my questions that apply to this thread is about the effect it will have on my supply. i am nervous because we just got through a low supply issue. will not breast feeding for a whole day affect my supply much?

i have a manual pump i can bring along but i am terrible with it. and then there is the issue about what i will do with the milk.. i would be just so sad to have to dump it.. i typically struggle to pump just 1 measily ounce.

just have 3 days to figure this out.. all help is appreciated!

Nerissa 11-16-2012 02:34 AM

Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?
How old is you baby? Can you pump one side while or right after he eat from the other? That js what I did to build up my freezer stash.

If you do end up being gone iwould mix formuls with uou BM to stretch it out the day you se goe. I have had todo that many times with the boys when i wasnt able to pump enough at work.

Connor 11-16-2012 11:12 PM

Do you have a friend that could give you some milk? You absolutely need to pump or my suggestion would be to hand express while gone. You don't want it to affect supply or get plugged ducts, engorgement, mastitis, etc.

Cleokatrah 11-17-2012 02:04 AM

Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?
Massaging before you pump may help, too.

Van1300 11-17-2012 09:45 AM

Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?
I have a little bit longer then you as I have to be away from my new babe for a work thing one day (Dec 6) during my maternity leave. I've already started pumping and saving 1/2-1 oz every day for the freezer stash. I plan to take my pump with me that day (it is a conference) and save my milk in a cooler. I told work if they couldn't provide a pumping area, I wasn't going to come since I am technically home until Jan 11th.

For you, you've got to try to pump a little and save it over the next few days. Then mix with formula and pump while you are gone. Even if you have to dump it, you can't stay engorged all day. It will be uncomfortable and might lead to infection.

dnh 11-17-2012 03:12 PM

Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?
thank you all!!

my baby just turned 5 months old. if i could manage to pump on one side while he nurses on the other, i would be afraid it would leave him hungry. we just got over a low supply issue and it was terrible. would it just mean nursing more often? or should i not go that route being my body has not been so quick to supply on demand?

i will definitely be bringing my pump along! any ideas that would allow me to keep my milk on the go? i will be traveling and shopping the whole time, so there wouldnt be any refrigeration avail and it would have to be something that could fit into, lets say, a backpack.

unfortunately, no donors avail. where i live breast pumps dont even really exist and even if someone would want to hand express.. most dont have refrigerators to keep it in anyway.

i am going to try a bottle of formula out today to see how he takes it. i think i will wait on the mixing to save the few precious ounces i do have for my babysitter to use the day i am gone if necessary.

i know this post is becoming kinda complicated, but any tips on breast massage? i do it, but i kinda just wing it.. im sure i can learn from all of you lovely, well experienced mothers out there :)

Van1300 11-18-2012 06:20 PM

Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?
You can try to pump one side after feeding if you want (or during). Or just pump both sides for an extra 5-10 minutes after you are done nursing. Remember a bottle or 2 of formula is not going to make a big difference, but a lot of breastfed babies hate the taste, you might have to mix it!

Does your pump have a cooler bag with an ice pack that comes with it? I have the Medela Pump in Style and it holds 4 bottles which is enough for a work day. If you don't have something, you can go to the store and get a little soft cooler or lunch box with an ice pack and you should be good for the day.

For breast massage, I use hot wash clothes and try to wrap them, and then I just kneed from the outside into the nipple, focusing on any hard ducts or tense areas. I hope that helps!!

vmomma 11-19-2012 12:37 AM

Re: away from ebf baby for a day.. what to do?
Fresh breastmilk stays good for 6-10 hours depending on the source. Unless you are going to be gone longer than that, I wouldn't worry about storage. I would just keep it in your backpack.

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