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Kinrice01 11-16-2012 05:38 PM

MAKE OFFERS?? 0-12 Mostly Gymboree/Gap....CHRISTMAS TOO
Just gound out I am having a boy so I have to sell off all my baby girl clothes. They are all EUC unless otherwise noted. I have them priced PPD, but feel free to make me an offer! I need to move this stuff out! Here we go...

These are both Gymboree 0-3 EUC $10 PPD Ea outfit

This lot is Gymboree 3-6. EUC. $20 PPD for the lot (yes I will split)

Gymboree 3-6, EUC $10 PPD ea

Gymboree 3-6 swim, EEUC $10 ea ppd

Gymboree 3-6, EUC $12 PPD ea outfit

Gymboree 3-6, EEUC $12 romper, $15 watermelon PPD

Gymboree 3-6, Fox outfit GUC (shows a little wash wear) $10 PPD, Velour outfit EUC $15 PPD

Baby Gap 6-12 Butterfly outfits, both are GUC, show washwear and maybe minor fade, but no stains. $10 PPD ea outfit

Baby Gap 6-12, Crawler dress SOLD, Pink Romper is EUC but the onesie under it has one stain as pictured. $12 PPD

Gymboree 6-12, Fish romper GUC (wash wear)$10 PPD, Jungle romper EEUC $12 PPD

Gymboree 6-12 EUC, Monkey outfit $12 PPD, Flower outfit $15 PPD

Baby Gap 6-12 EEUC, Yellow romper $10 PPD, other outfit $15 PPD


Gymboree 6-12 sleeper - play cond, staining at neckline, washwear MMAO---Velour leggines EUC MMAO


Kinrice01 11-16-2012 06:00 PM

Re: 0-12 Mostly Gymboree/Gap,CHRISTMAS TOO, Woombie, Carter's
Carter's Christmas outfit , EUC, size 9 month $12 PPD

Hannah Andersson Christmas Dress VGUC, size 70 (12 mo?) $12 PPD. Pretty Christmas sweater from Dillard's. NWT, 12 mo. $12 PPD

Gorgeous Fancy Dress- Either from Dillard's or Macy's, I can't remember. EEUC, only worn once for Easter Pics. Size 6-9 mo $20 PPD

Gorgeous Fancy Christmas dress from Dillard's I beleve- With Ruffle Hat--, only worn once for Pics, size 12 mo- $25 PPD

Woombie- swaddle alternative- Newborn is VGUC $15ppd (big baby is sold)

Infant girl socks
19 pairs of girl socks- GUC-EUC..MMAO

Carter's 0-3 lot, Hannah Andersson Pilot Cap VGUC $12 PPD

Carter's bottoms 3-6 mo pants- the shorts are 6-9 mo size, the little strawberry cover is 3-6. All GUC-EUC. $12 PPD for lot..yes I will split

Carter's 3-6 mo lot- Yes I will split- Pooh is not carter's. All are GUC-EUC

I beleive these are Carter's 6-9, GUC- MMAO

Kinrice01 11-16-2012 06:07 PM

Re: 0-12 Mostly Gymboree/Gap....CHRISTMAS TOO
Carter's 6-9 mo GUC, fleece MMAO

Carter's Lot 9 mo, GUC-EUC MMaO

Carter's 12 mo, GUC-EUC MMAO

Boutique brand 12 mo, summer outfits, EUC $9 PPD ea obo

LondonFog Coat fits 9-18 mo I'd say. GUC MMAO

ok that's all for now here. Will be posting in the 18 mo forum too. :thumbsup:

Kinrice01 11-18-2012 08:20 PM

Re: MAKE OFFERS?? 0-12 Mostly Gymboree/Gap....CHRISTMAS TOO

Kinrice01 11-19-2012 08:09 PM

Re: MAKE OFFERS?? 0-12 Mostly Gymboree/Gap....CHRISTMAS TOO
bump. Offers?? Gotta move this stuff out!

Kinrice01 12-03-2012 08:30 PM

Re: MAKE OFFERS?? 0-12 Mostly Gymboree/Gap....CHRISTMAS TOO to offers

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