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Tiny Trousers 11-17-2012 01:03 PM

Boy Patterns for Cardigan and Vest?
Has anyone knitted these - or which of each type do you prefer?
Gramps Cardigan
I love this one, and it's great that it starts at 6 mo and goes through 8 years - but I am not sure that I want all the cables... sometimes I prefer a simple look on boys. Do you think I could easily omit the cables?

Harvest Cardigan
I love the look of this but it starts at 2... so Noah and my newbie Eli couldn't have matching ones next year.

Tycoon Vest

I like this a lot and, same as gramps, I could have matching ones for my boys next Fall.

Any other suggestions? I love the old man look of the two cardigans I mentioned :) Hoping that Tot Toppers will do a by one get one deal on black Friday :fingerscrossed:

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