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eco-mum 11-17-2012 11:17 PM

Anyone have any experience with implanon?
After I have DS in March I am trying to figure out which bc method to use. I don't want an IUD and would rather not take the pill so I was considering implanon. Has anyone had this before or know anyone who has had it?

nikiahunt 12-02-2012 11:08 AM

Re: Anyone have any experience with implanon?
I have Implanon. It started out horrible for me, with basically continuous bleeding for the first six months. After that though, my body got used to the idea and now I don't even have a period at all. :) I got it in November of 2011.
They last 3 years and you have to have a doctor who knows what they are doing insert it. Since getting it, I have done a lot of research on it; this is what I've learned: If you are overweight, they have not tested it thoroughly and it could decrease in effectiveness later in the three years for you due to the amount of medicine versus your body size. You should make sure you can feel the implant under your skin after it is inserted because there have been a few cases where the implant did not eject from the insertion tube. And you should NOT take St.Johns Wort while you have Implanon because it reduced the effectiveness.
Overall, I like it because it is in my arm and there is no risk of it coming out without my knowledge or moving and causing problems like cervical inserts can.

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