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feelinfroggie 11-18-2012 05:11 PM

Knitted Longies - Retro Baby and AJ's creations
Retro Baby hand painted and knitted longies/hat set. $75ppd or MMARO


I - 8.5 without the gusset, 10 with
R - 16
H- 11 (22 all the way around)
W - 10 (20 all the way around, not stretched)

No felting, these are in EEUC. Freshly shaved. The hat is for a big headed baby (like mine) lol He's almsot 2 and it still fits him well.

Comes from a dog and cat friendly home. I don't see any hairs, but be warned you might find a stray dog or cat hair.

AJ's Handmade Creations knitted longies. $35ppd


Confetti Longies knit by AJ's Handmade Creations. She didn't say much about the base, other than it's 100% Merino wool. Lanolized and ready to go. The color is red, there is NO pink lol

I - 8.5, 10 with gusset
R - 16
Hips - 11 (22 all the way around)
W- 9 (18 all the way around)

ISO: paypal or boyish longies with a 12in inseam

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