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shanisimms 11-18-2012 09:22 PM

Help me please
Hi, I just found out about ec about 1 week ago. Even before I knew about it I sometimes felt like I wanted to put my baby on the potty. Especially when I knew she was going to go number 2. Well I have put her on the potty about 8 times and she has used it 5 of the 8 that I sat her on there. Should I put her in fitteds so I know when she goes? How do you just let a baby be diaper less!? Please tell me your routine and how you know when your baby will pee. I think I already have poo down to a science. Nothing she does in general, but I just "know." I wish it were that easy to know when she needed to tinkle. Btw baby is 9 months. In cloth. Mostly Prefolds and covers. Thanks so much for any help.

R055ANA 11-19-2012 11:23 AM

Re: Help me please
Hey there shanisimms! How awesome that you found out about EC a wk ago and already you are getting success w/ catching the #2. This is terrific. I would rather catch poos any day over pees because they are mess for both parent and baby.

It's great you want to try to start catching the pees now too. I used prefolds w/ my youngest DD. It worked out well because I could tell when the prefold was wet and easily remove it. I liked using a prefold w/o a cover when at home because it was easy to remove and offer the potty.

I know your DD isn't giving you cues when she needs to pee but you can try different things like taking her to the potty @ certain intervals (every 30 minutes in the AM and every hour in the PM).

Some easy times to get a catch are when she awakes (for the morning, after a nap). Before a change in activity like when you get home from an outing, before/after a bath, when getting ready for bed and before/after eating lunch/dinner.

You can slowly start to try to increase the # of pee catches.

It might also be helpful to introduce a cue sound in case you haven't already. Many ECing parents use the PSSSSS sound for pees and grunt for #2. This will be helpful because it will let your DD know she should try to go now and also when she is able and wants to she can use the cue sound to let you know she needs to eliminate.

Congrats on all the progress so far mama!!

shanisimms 11-19-2012 03:27 PM

Re: Help me please
Thanks so much for that. I have put her in fitteds and prefolds all day. I have caught 3 of 6 pees so far. I guess it is just as simple as it sounds. Try to predict when your baby will use the bathroom and take them to the toilet. :) I like this. Less diapers for me to wash and she gets excited that she pees in the big girl potty.

strongwoman 11-19-2012 10:13 PM

Re: Help me please
Great job! I like doing less laundry, too :)

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