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Nerissa 11-19-2012 01:27 PM

Pumping at work/BF at home question
DD is 8 weeks. She has been block feeding at home since birth. I have been doing a little pumping in the morning on the non eating side to build up my freezer stash. But usually just feeding on one side.

Now that I am back to work I am pumping both sides 2 times during my work day (8am and 11:30/12) and if she isn't ready to eat when I pick her up from daycare at 3pm then I will pump at least one side when I get home depending on when she ate last.

I noticed this weekend when I went back to just block feeding and pumping once either very early moring after she ate (between 3 and 5 am) or after her morning feeding. I am very full/almost engorged a few times during the day. This was only with a 3 day work week..

Should I pump more on the weekends like the opposite side she nurses from each time or at least every other time. That will work as long as we are home.

I don't want to mess up my supply. With the boys my supply at least pumping took a nose dive around 7 months and I wasn't pumping hardly anything. Right now I have a good supply. My first morning pumping at work gave me 7oz and then 2nd one gave me 5oz.

If you can understand my rambling and have any advise that would be great.

Mommy0912 11-19-2012 01:36 PM

I am no expert by any means, let me preface that! I have a similar issue though. I pump at work about every 4 hours (I work 12 hour shifts) and even after one shift I get slightly engorged the next day. Personally I would prefer to just pump to relieve engorgement at home instead of risking a decrease in supply. Pumping outside of home is horrible if you have a hand pump. I havnt had that problem yet but I am just contemplating future issues. Glad the transition seems to be going well mama :)

sh0rtchica 11-19-2012 02:00 PM

I had a similar deal, though I'm sorry you had to go back to work so early! I blockfed only because I had oversupply, and always ended up pumping more than my DS ate and being slightly engorged on the weekends. If you're pumping more than enough, you can consider cutting down on the duration of your sessions a tad, which will cut down production a bit. In the end that's what I did, and I ended up donating a ton of milk to a mama with IGT. Good luck finding a good balance!

juliasmom 11-19-2012 03:08 PM

I am also an oversupply mom. When I did WOH, I would try to pump the amount and frequency she ate while I was gone (or just a few ounces more.). I always worried about getting mastitis from stagnation with engorgement.

ETA: if you like/need to pump extra, make sure to keep up the pumping on the weekend.

Mamma527 11-19-2012 03:24 PM

I agree, I tend to have issues with oversupply. So i tried to only replace whatever bottles I had sent for that day. Then I didn't have to pump at home, but if you want to keep your supply more than what your baby eats then I would pump on the weekends to keep you comfortable and your supply up.

UrbanMamma 11-19-2012 03:34 PM

Re: Pumping at work/BF at home question
I have my kid in care 3 days a week but for only 6 hours or so. I also tend towards oversupply (went straight to block nursing this time around). What I do is always pump a small bottle off the non-nursing side for the first thing in the morning nurse 7-days a week. Then, when I'm at work, I pump at lunch and then pump on the non-nursing side when we get home (on work days only). Since my little one truthfully doesn't drink much when he is at care, that seems to help keep everyone happy.

Nerissa 11-20-2012 10:53 AM

Re: Pumping at work/BF at home question
thanks everyone. I think I will just add a few extra pumping sessions on the weekend so I stay comfortable and continue freezing the extra. I am really parinoid about my supply dipping or going away like it did with the boys at 7 months. so I want to do what I can to keep it up or at least get as much in the freezer as possible.

Last night she ate at 10pm and slept till 3 (this is not normal), ate one side and when I got up to get ready for work @5am I pumped 7oz off the side she didn't eat from (also my more producing side) that is enough for 2 bottles. then she woke ate 5:45 and ate from the side I didn't pump. At my 8:30 pumping session I got 5oz. I will pump at lunch. Everything today (and at home on Wed/Thurs/Fri) will go right in the freezer since I am off starting tomorrow for Thanksgiving and will pump enough on Sat/Sun for next Mondays' bottles.

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