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Lousli 11-19-2012 02:01 PM

Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
I couldn't figure out how to make a shorter title. :blush:

I tend to be fairly sensitive to many scents. Spray perfume or body spray of any kind makes my eyes water and gives me headaches. It often bothers me even when other people wear it. Scented candles are generally okay, but often lotions, gels, bath products, incense, etc. are overpowering to me and I find them yucky. :yuck: I can use scented soap, essential oils, solid perfume.

Almost all room fresheners/air fresheners are totally overwhelming to me and the spray kind (Febreze, bathroom sprays) give me headaches. Both of my kids have classrooms that have such strong air fresheners that they come home and I can smell it on their clothing and backpacks. When I enter these rooms it is so strong that I can hardly stand to be in there longer than 5 minutes and I feel like I can taste the stuff.

However, I went into a different classroom (I work at the school) and the person's room smelled amazing, like cookies. I asked about it and she told me it was Scentsy. I'm kind of curious if I would like it in my classroom or my house or if I would eventually find it annoying or headache inducing. I was only in the room about 20 minutes but it didn't bother me during that time.

Anyone else a scent sensitive person? Have you had a good or bad experience with Scentsy products?

KelseyH 11-19-2012 02:11 PM

I'm really sensitive to chemicals like you mentioned - air freshener sprays, commercial air fresher "plug-ins" etc. Even some strong oil diffusers or candles will give me a headache.

My mom uses Scentsy. I love some of the more mild Yankee candles/Scentsy bars. I find that with Scentsy (and Yankee) I can tolerate the more mild scents, since there are still ones that seem really overpowering to me. I usually will only burn a candle for an hour or so even if it is something mild (like vanilla, or a beachy scent). When my mom warms her Scentsy or burns a candle all day, I still find the smell very strong when I visit.

Hope all of that makes sense... I think it really depends on the scents you choose and how long you use it. I know that makes all the difference for me. HTH :)

PerfectFifth 11-19-2012 02:19 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
I'm super sesitive to scents, too-- they give me headaches if they're strong enough. I won a Scentsy scent pack once and have been using it in a candle-heated wax warmer, and so far this year, I haven't had a headache from it ever. I think a key thing, though, is to identify what scents really mess with you and stay away from them in any form-- for me, floral scents and fakey scents like Fresh Linen or Sea Breeze always make my head hurt. Maybe try a more natural Scentsy scent that mimics essential oil scents (lavender, sandalwood), and see how that works for you.

qsefthuko 11-19-2012 02:32 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
Like pp it depends on the scent. Floral scents are the worst for me. Also chemical scents versus natural ones tend to be more of an issue for me. I cannot stand rose scented perfumes or hand lotions. It hurts my sinuses and gives me a headache but have no problem with roses on a rose bush. I even enjoy the scent of real roses. Food scents for me are less of an issue. The cookies wouldn't be an issue unless the scent was overwhelming. I usually scent my house with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg in a pot of water on low.

Fairycat 11-19-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
Many of them really bother me, but I find using the plug in and the wax longer and only adding small bits in to refresh occassionally they seem to not get to me. I think if I were to follow their instructions they would get to me, I also found the big burners were too much for me. My birth instructor had one burning in her bathroom and even pregnant I did what I could to avoid her bathroom as much as possible when we had classes and could smell it when we came and went. I was even a fan of some of the scents but they were just too strong.

Queen_Celeste 11-19-2012 02:35 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
I have some scent sensitivity, mostly during pregnancy. Many of my family members are far worse and will get migraines from strong scents. IMO, scentsy wax melts is a much lighter scent than say the knock off scents I have grabbed at walmart. They still have plenty of fragrance and it scents my home, but I don't smell it 3 rooms over or want to open and window/door even if its 30F outside.

ETA, I use the big warmer and I never add more than one cube at a time. In fact sometimes I put in half a cube. even then some scents are strong for me. So if you know certain scents are bad for you, avoid similar ones from Scentsy

MrsHappyGoLucky 11-19-2012 02:45 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
I'm SUPER sensitive to all scents as well. I've purged my house of all scented products, but I did keep a Scentsy warmer for just in case. I can have it on in our living room, which is wide open, for only about 20 minutes before it becomes overwhelming. That's usually enough time to "freshen" the air for company if need be. I've had better luck with homemade air fresheners and spraying them on the upholstery!

mama_to_DJM 11-19-2012 03:17 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
My mom is sensitive to scents (flowers give her a headache), but she is fine with Scentsy. :)

Rdesonia 11-19-2012 04:22 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
I can't do floral scents. My mom has Asthma and there were some Glade Plug-in Oil kind ..Hawaiian or tropical that gave her an Asthma attack.

I get nausea and headaches. I was at my son's school and the principal had scent diffuser sticks in a vase thing on the middle of the conference table. I finally had to tell her that I was unable to continue the meeting unless it was removed from the room. I was pregnant at the time but I get scent overwhelmed.
I normally like fruity coconut scents in my Scentsy. I use a 1/2 a cube... and turn it off after 30 minutes. I also boil spices in water like a previous poster.

~*~Sunflower~*~ 11-19-2012 05:11 PM

Re: Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?
Scentsy gives me a raging headache. My daughters love their scents, but I have banned them in our home!

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